January Theme?

Randall Cottrell 5:37am, 20 December 2007
as i am still thinking of a theme for next month, i will wait for aaron to create the new "challege" group for our monthly themes

right now i'm thinking of going w/ "randeezee"


*well i just went ahead and made the new group "dpg monthly challege" and invited those of you who are on my contact list.

for those of you that didn't get invites (it's not that i don't like you...) here's the link dpg monthly challege

at the meeting tonight we decided it might be easier to make a different group for the montly contest in hopes that it will cut down on the shots left out of the ballot printing

**oh yah, the theme is "old/decrepit"

***since the group is "closed" to the public, you have to write a message to an admin to get in. just write w/e...make fun of me if you wish. have a blast.

*another edit in response to sweetlake's inquiry about the winning picture. thanks dpg voters...

kelsey_window light 1
Sweetlake 11 years ago
I feel a little left out in the making fun department. Thanks for the invite and congrats on the win. Which one won - color or monochrome?
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