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Wide Angle Lens Comparison

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i've been looking for something wide for a while since i sold my 18-55 w/ my d40x to a friend. right now the widest i have is 28 on my 28-70, and i can't stand that lens. i feel myself missing that 18-28 a lot more than i thought i would.

my lens search has come down to this. i want to keep it cheap as i also plan on buying a wide-ish fast prime sometime in the near future (sigma 30mm 1.4? 24mm 1.8?).

sigma's 15-30mm f/3.5-4.5 and their 17-35mm f/2.8-4 are my two choices.

for those of you who shoot a lot of wide angle, is there a noticable difference between 15mm and 17mm? i like that the 17-35mm drops down to f/2.8 rather than f/3.5 on the 15-30mm.

for the most part though they are pretty similar in focal range, aperature, focusing distance, price, blah blah blah

*the msrp on sigma's website lists both lenses at about $700, which as always, you can get them way cheaper. i found both lenses on amazon for $220 and $240
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