Sweetlake 10:33pm, 19 December 2007
Flickr allows the option for different page styles. I waffle between the big pictures with the sets on the side, which can take longer to load and a bunch of small thumbs so you can scan quicker. Any thoughts?
peteSwede PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by peteSwede (admin) 11 years ago
i like the small. It kinda depends on why you use it.
I joined flickr for a place to send my friends and family to look at and download pictures from my life. My sister introduced me. So for sharing pics of holidays and other events, i figure people would wanna scan them in small.

Plus i don't like going through page after page of other's sites. I always click the 'view all' option when available on other websites.

extra- i find it amusing that the word flickr isn't in the spell checker here. ha.
JulesAmeel PRO 11 years ago
how do you even change the layout on your first page?
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