MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina 3:08pm, 19 December 2007
The following is a note from Paul Connolly.. They are putting together the field guide for next years Homegrown and they are asking for any photos of the event. Please read below for instructions and be reminded that this is a non-profit event and all that we offer is free but proper credit will be given. This is a great opportunity for us as a group to show the festival that we care about our community. I think as a group next year we can plan and assign shows to people and take photos of every act.. How cool would that be?

We are gearing up for our 2008 Homegrown Field Guide and would like to start collecting photos from all the photographers we worked with on the 2007 festival.

If you could gather all your photos onto a CD, DVD, etc... that would be great! We are looking for high resolution, and anything you shot. No need to sort or weed anything out.

You can mail the discs, post to an FTP or we can set up a time/place to meet and I can pick them up from you. Whatever works best for you.

If you could have these ready by mid-January at the latest that would work best for us. If that doesn't work for you please let me know and we can work something else out.

You will be credited for any photo we use in the guide and any photos we do not use will not be circulated in any way. pmconnolly3 (at)
Awesome... everyone involved in the festival is doing it for the love of the festival and its sustainability.

Please let your group know we're having a CD release party for our new compilation CD series at Burrito Union tomorrow (Thurs. 12.20.07) starting at 09pm. No cover charge or anything, we hope to have a good crowd enjoying local music. The series picks has long-time Duluth music scene contributors to compile their personal favorite tracks from Homegrown bands. We chose Starfire as our first MC and he will be playing the disc at his weekly Starfire Lounge gig tomorrow. If anyone in your group wants to shoot photos of the party we'd love to have some images. We'd put them up on our website right away and probably have a feature in the field guide on the party as well.

Thanks for the extra efforts. Much appreciated!


lcarlson 11 years ago
Oh this is great. I shot a lot of stuff last year, so I'd be willing to help Paul out. I'll get ahold of him.
Is anyone going to shoot Starfire Lounge tonight? I can't make it. I know Paul from Home Grown will be there .... It would be cool to touch base with him on behalf of the group.
manley.josh 11 years ago
whats going on at starfire? i might be down
Randall Cottrell 11 years ago
i'm thinking about it...same boat as big josh here
I have my disc ready. Please if you shot any homegrown last year consider donating them to the the festival for press reasons.
I am turning in my photos this weekend.... If you have any shots from last year and would like to contribute them to the event please do so. The 1st post has all the instructions or you can get me a disc of the Full Res images and I will do it for you. There are many reasons we should do this.. 1) being the opportunity to be the hired guns/photographers for this event. 2) promote the arts for Duluth and surrounding communities. 3) Bands love photographers.. What a great way to get your name out there.
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