WHCC questions

Sweetlake 7:16pm, 13 December 2007
When I did my test prints whcc wanted 300 dpi 8x10s for the test. I want to print some 8x10s from my daughters camera - 4megapixels - and it gives me 216 dpi at 8x10. This should be plenty, but why do they want 300?

Also, for those that use color calibration, how often do you calibrate?
HBRstudios 11 years ago
1) Get the best resolution you can and their RIP will res it up -- don't res it up to 300 yourself if you can't get it off of the original image. You can even send them files from 100ppi and get reasonable results. I usually scoff at their recommendations, anyway, and send them at 180 dpi. I have done large print tests and cannot see a difference between 180 and 400 ppi without a 8x lupe printed under similar processes.

2) I try to calibrate at least once a month.
Sweetlake 11 years ago
Thanks Brian. I'll send them off as is. I was wondering if a few of us could share a calibrator to reduce costs. I also wonder how much an LCD changes over time. I used the calibration built into my laptop and set the gamma and color temp to the whcc recommendations - pictures matched fairly close, much darker.
Ted, I would love to share a calibrator with some of you. I am getting ready to buy a new camera and I really can't afford to shell out a ton of money for a calibrator on top of it.
Spyder 2 express at is only $54 with free shipping. This is what I just bought.

P.S. You have to enter the serial number when installing, You may be able to share it but may not. Something to keep in mind.
K. Praslowicz 10 years ago
How has the Spyder 2 Express been treating you? I just happen to have a $50 Gift Card for Amazon, and am looking at doing more color work in the near future.
It works great for me. I can't believe I edited anything without it.
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