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HBRstudios is a group administrator HBRstudios says:

Rich started this, so I thought it best to start a new thread on the topic:

What I would like the most is the code to set up and be able to do a searchable database of images that can be added to my own design of a webpage and allow updating of images simply by adding them to a folder with the appropriate IPTC info.

This, in turn, would also be compatible with my PayPal shopping cart and have a function for picking a "random" image.

Any suggestions????
2:56PM, 12 December 2007 PDT (permalink)

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duluthiscool is a group administrator duluthiscool says:

my suggestion for *consideration* was as follows:

The open source "Gallery"

note... "Gallery" also has a shopping cart feature. i don't use it... but could easily. it is template based, and can be readily modified. also, it can be embedded into blog and portal packages. and it's open source. and free. and has good support.

the base site is located here: gallery.menalto.com/

i think that this would be a grand topic to discuss and demo during the next meeting... hopefully there are other tools out there that folks can advocate for... or at least discuss the merits thereof...
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Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer is a group administrator Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer says:

I agree with you Rich, this would be a cool meeting topic as I have looked at this as a gallery/cart for my site, but never figured it out.
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pH foto is a group moderator pH foto says:

Sounds like many of us are in the same boat regarding web page design. I just started messing about with Jalbum templates. I agree, would make a great meeting topic.
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