I have price checked them against and they are less expensive.
There are no handling fees for large frames is $10 vs. $25 or higher at American frame.

Something I thought I would share.
manley.josh 11 years ago
if anyone orders from these guys please let me know if you are happy with the quality
HBRstudios 11 years ago
I have done a number of orders in the past 2 years and am very satisfied with the operation.
Well I just ordered a 30x40 frame, Single Archival Mat - White , and an Archival Foamcore Mounting board. Total cost with Shipping was $83.50.
I will get either a 30x40 Glass or Anti Glare Acrylic sheet in town. This will cost about $40-$50.
So...with the cost of the print, I will have about $165 wrapped into this.

I doubt any frame shop in town could touch that.

Olde Town Gallery wanted over $50 for the mat alone.

The proof will be in the pudding whe I get it and asssemble it.
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