After the show

MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina 2:24am, 7 December 2007
So we got a babysitter. Anyone up for going out after the DPG Red show tomorrow night? The Burrito Union is only a block away...

PS Don't forget the DPG holiday party the next night at the Incline Station 6:30 pm Why not 2 nights of fun.... NEW MEMBERS should come to both!!!!!
edgeways 11 years ago
could do could do, starfire has also said that the shows can typically go till the keg runs out, so....
Hambone Lewinski 11 years ago
I won't be able to join for the show opening; Rachel and I are heading down to the cities to catch the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Walker tomorrow.... how long will the show be in the Starfire? I would like to go check it out.

I might come for some atomic bowling if I'm feeling saucy. Presumably you'll be the group that conspicuously all have cameras?

aReasontoHope 11 years ago
My mum and I were gonna go to Burrito Union after anyways, so, I'm in.
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