duluthiscool 12:26am, 7 December 2007
First... there is an informal group (even MORE informal that usual) meeting TONIGHT at 09:15PM at Burrito Union. Show up if you have time. Starfire Lounge begins at 10pm.

1) Starfire is supplying:
- beer
- paper products, including cups
- cool t-shirt hosting location

2) Lisa Baumann / Granitoid - Wine (may ask for a chip-in from the adult group members

3) Moeview will bring Chips and salsa and the proper stuff to serve and hold chips and salsa.

4) HBRStudio - lemonade and ice tea

5) A Mother Soul - Cheese and cracker platter

6) Duluthiscool - Veggie Platter

What else do we need? I am estimating 50-75 people as a rough guess. Depending upon weather, who knows... there are ten people in the show. We are all bringing a bunch of friends... Plus... there is music and free stuff... for three hours... we could easily get even more than that?

If you are bringing something, please make certain that you also bring what you need to SERVE the item.

If you are NOT listed above, and are bringing something... please add it here...

Edge mentioned the thing about the folding chairs too...
edgeways 11 years ago
I know Paul is bring something like hummus with dipable acrutraments. a big cheap package of sandwich cookies would not be remiss.
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