Akatzmarkphotography 8:36pm, 30 November 2007
Any tips or trick worth sharing, i found out today i am shooting a wedding tomorrow ( another story all together). Basically its in a tiny dark church.. I have my 40d, 430ex speedlight and lightsphere.. NO suitable lens IMO... I have mad it very clear that if i dont get anything i would be comforatble floating around, i will not be giving them anything.. I am there only option..

50mm 1.8

I am only set up for kids.. Uggg
I have.. Brian HBR is the guy you want to talk to. DO you have a speed light? Otherwise don't hesitate to use a higher ISO like 400 to 600. I would say the 50mm for personal candid shots but for any posed family shots or big shots of the church and the ceremony go with the 28mm.. Good luck.
Akatzmarkphotography 11 years ago
As far as i know* They have hired Nicole Marie for the formals before, I feel like i am going to have a hard time following up to her;)
pH foto Posted 11 years ago. Edited by pH foto (moderator) 11 years ago
Only shot a very casual outdoor wedding, with few posed shots. Not the "you stand here, put your hand there, look right here" kind of stuff. Judging by your small people portraits, you'll do great.

I would think the fast 50mm will make a good indoor portrait lens on a 1.6x body. Wonder if the 28mm (=45mm?) is wide enough for group shots in tight quarters? Definitely would try to scout the church and take some test shots inside.
HBRstudios 11 years ago
Well, I have done many a wedding under all sorts of circumstances, but I don't know how much help I could be for you without being at the location with you.

My first thoughts would be to use as much natural light as possible (so bring a tripod) filling in slightly with that speedlight, if necessary (or using it as a highlight, if you are set up for this.) Take the AlienBee with you for group shots on the altar or other spots -- that is if you have an umbrella or other reflector for it because the softbox won't work well at those distances (don't forget the extension chords and the adapter for the chance they don't have grounded plugs at the church.)

As far as lenses, I also think that the 50mm is the one you will be using the most for the portrait and group images, and the 70-300 for the ceremony (cranked up to the highest ISO possible on a tripod, watch not to uderexpose it at that speed.)

Keep the rapport with the clients light and for the group shots, have the bride call out the people they need -- she knows them and they will listen to the bride much more than you!

Have fun and only compromise on your vision if the bride is getting sick of you -- they won't turn out that well anyway so better just to get what you need done!

Good luck! I Hope this helps a little and feel free to drop me an e-mail (better to go off of the website address -- see my profile for that, I will also drop you a flickrmail with it.)
Akatzmarkphotography 11 years ago
Thanks guys i think i have a plan as of right now;)
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