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Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul is a group administrator Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul says:

One of my photos that is going in the Red Show has a lens smudge on it. I didn't see it until after it was printed and I figured I would be able to easily fix it in Elements. Well, I've spent about two hours messing with it today and I have only been able to make it worse. I really need to get my prints ordered in the next couple of days. Would anyone be willing to take a stab at fixing it for me? I would be so grateful if someone could. I'm just not proficient enough at PS at this point to know how to best fix it.
2:09PM, 20 November 2007 PDT (permalink)

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duluthiscool is a group administrator duluthiscool says:

maybe. read your flickr mail.
ages ago (permalink)

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Akatzmarkphotography is a group moderator Akatzmarkphotography says:

I can try. Send it to me at katzmark06@yahoo.com
ages ago (permalink)

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