edgeways 8:06am, 9 November 2007

Out of everything I received I have fairly firmly selected 22 photos + my two "bookends", so the whole show will be 24 images.

Starting tonight I'll begin to email people and ask you some questions (titles, show print size etc...)

There will be a fairly straightforward contract which talks about liability, the 10% commission and other small stuff.

I will probably put up a webpage over at, so start thinking about short bios, links and (ideally) a headshot.
edgeways 11 years ago
When do we get to find out who else has photos in the show?
Randall Cottrell 11 years ago
if i have not been emailed yet i'm guessing none of mine were selected?
edgeways Posted 11 years ago. Edited by edgeways (admin) 11 years ago
I still have three people to go yet, hold your horses! sheesh...

no, but seriously today was fairly busy and I have been emailing people in order that they gave them to me so if you gotten stuff to me late Friday I just haven't gotten to you yet. *deep breath*


Ok, everyone who gave me stuff should have either a flickrmail or an email sent to them, if you did not get one and gave me stuff let me know asap.

As to when I will release the participant list, as soon as I hear back from everyone I will post the list.
Randall Cottrell 11 years ago

i understand...i just might be anxious?
Congrats to all who made the cut. I didn't get a chance to get mine in, but I will be shooting to get one in the next show.

I can't wait to see how this show unfolds.
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