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Free Online Photo Shop, What???

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Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer is a group administrator Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer says:

Ok, it will be a smaller version, probably closer to elements, but how cool is that? Pretty sweet if you ask me.
8:56AM, 31 October 2007 PDT (permalink)

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Randall Cottrell is a group moderator Randall Cottrell says:


i might just end up buying cs3 sometime soon though...but i can't find out if you can get a student discount from apple.com for a windows version?...

FWIW, Ever heard of bit torrent?
Originally posted ages ago. (permalink)
Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer edited this topic ages ago.

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Sweetlake is a group moderator Sweetlake says:

Check out his link - is there a better discount for students?
ages ago (permalink)

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HBRstudios is a group administrator HBRstudios says:

I use Diskovery.com for academic discounts
ages ago (permalink)

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edgeways is a group administrator edgeways says:

are you buying a full version or upgrade? I don't think there is a discount for the upgrade.
ages ago (permalink)

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Karl W. is a group moderator Karl W. says:

They're selling Adobe CS3 Web Premium for $ 489.95 which I only had to pay $299. But It might had to do with i bought a mac though?
ages ago (permalink)

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