Randall Cottrell 4:33am, 23 October 2007 i'm going through a bunch [750] pictures that i took in germany when i was there for a school trip in spring of 06

my old camera wasn't spectacular [but more than adequit (spelling)] but the jpg's have been moved around and such that the quality isn't quite what they once were oh well...

anyways...i'm starting to post some of the pics i have overlooked and came across this one. i did a color and a black&white to compare. i personally like the almost "gritty" look of the b&w vs the color, but i do also love the colors...hmm..

what do you guys [and girls...but "guys" is one of those words that sort of encompases all peoples] think about the two? which one do you like more?



[edited to add photos lol]
aReasontoHope 11 years ago
Honestly I love the black and white one. It's got that old texture, and I love the lighting.
HBRstudios 11 years ago
Sweetlake 11 years ago
I like the B/W but without the grain effect, there is too much detail lost, imho.
The BnW takes the cake here. Both are nice though
ectro 11 years ago
I'd have to say I like the color version more so because there is more detail and the stained glass is awesome.
I can't decide. I like them both. The color version because it is nice to see the detail of the stained glass, and the b&w because it gives it such a moody feel.

Sorry, I"m no help. ;-)
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