edgeways 9:44pm, 18 October 2007
Just a little fyi so people know whats happening. I recently banned a member because one of the two photos he put up had a bunch of extraneous text boxes and tags that where moderately offensive (in a hard core neo-con sort of way). The photo itself was ok, so I first sent him a flickr mail letting him know if he cleaned up the rest of the junk he could resubmit it, that led to a number of mails back and forth of passive-aggressive BS name calling, so after talking with Moe I canned the fellow.
As much as my politics differ from this fellow I tried to separate out politics in general from my actions and I still feel that photos relating to politics are perfectly legit here (as long as they fit the theme of the pool), even if the photos are of candidates or demonstrations I disagree with. I like to think I would have reacted the same way if the photo had a bunch of text boxes slamming the GOP, even though I might agree with them.
This incident (and the fact that we had a spammer this morning) led to a brief discussion with Moe about possibly instituting an administrator approval step before people can join DPG. I am ambivalent about it right now, but am willing to be swayed depending on what people think. I did, however throw up a "group rules" page new members have to click through and agree to before joining.

they are:

1- This pool is for photographers and/or photos from the Duluth/Superior and surrounding area.

2- A good member is one who participates in the discussion topics and does not use this place simply to dump photos into.

3- Being an unremittent jerk is grounds for being banned without notice, this includes attacking people, or groups of people, directly or indirectly.

4- Extraneous content to your photos (self placed text boxes and tags) is subject to rule #3 as well.

5- Please keep things civil.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, just thought I'd include you all in whats being talked about behind your backs, now, back to the cloak and dagger stuff.
Full support from me. The person in question that we banned had a very immature and offensive material on his sight and did not contribute to the group that often.. when this person did it was full of name calling and judgment and hate that Edgewood kindly asked to keep off the DPG.. There were 2 options at that point and the ex-member chose option #2. We are a very accepting group and would never judge anyones beliefs or thoughts... Until they cross the line and become hurtful to others then that person needs to join another group and not ours. Thanks for taking care of this Edgewood.
Thanks to you Edge. I saw the photo shortly after it was posted and had an immediate, "WTF?" reaction. But, I was in a bad mood and opted to not say anything. I agree that the type of comments in his tags were not appropriate for this group no matter what his political affiliation is.
aReasontoHope 11 years ago
I didn't see this photo, but it sounds like it was handled well. Thanks :)
Sounds like good rules to have here and a well handled situation
Randall Cottrell 11 years ago
edge and moe...i agree. i especially agree w/ rule #2. i don't really post that many photos to the group anymore. i simply come to discuss "stuff" lol. that seems to be the group's main purpose to me

lol....and i didn't see the photo, but i'm just itching to see it to see what this is all about. i'm not literally asking to see it, that's just the type of person i am and i enjoy a bit of controversy here and there lol...anyways...

i'm glad you guys did what you had to do to keep the dpg a clean and safe, family friendly environment :)

p.s. isn't it kind of ridiculous that we have 70 members, and only about, what?, 20 or so that ever add to discussions? just saying...
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