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Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul 9:11pm, 14 October 2007
Okay, Idea thread last week pretty much ended with no resolution or decision as to whether we wanted to do some friendly internet based contests. I have been thinking more about this and had another idea.

Some of you talked about the idea of having prizes for winning the competitions, but realistically if we did that the prizes would have to be cheap. Thus, my idea is that IF we wanted to do the competitions and have prizes, maybe the prizes could be prints of each other's work. Not sure exactly how we would do it, but I would love to have prints of your people's work because, well, all of your stuff rocks. And the prints aren't too expensive to have made. Heck, we can order 8x10s through Flickr for around $2.

Karl W. 11 years ago
That sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe the photo could be the previous months winners photo?
Oh yeah, that is a good idea.
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