This is a Challenge set up to allow you to try a new technique or refine an old one.
The challenge for October is Night Photography with Light Painting. Light painting is the technique of combining a Night time long exposure while painting part of the scene with a flash light or another lighting method.

Visit this link for examples - painting&w=all

Get shooting
Cool. I am going to be out shooting tonight I think so I'll give it a shot.
Randall Cottrell 11 years ago
cool..i just posted pic of this

here it is

painted light
Look at what I can do, girls!

Light Art by Gwen
ectro Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ectro (moderator) 11 years ago

Here's a rock I just took a picture of. I used a red LED flashlight to bring out the glass I used for the background. For the rock I used a white LED flashlight with a homemade diffusor.
aReasontoHope 11 years ago
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I need to buy meees a new flash light.
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