I am wondering what needs to be done to make this a more interactive forum?
It is kind of depressing to see how many members we have and how many actually post.
Don't get me wrong I am guilty of not commenting on allot of posted images here, But I think we should take the time to respond to the threads and images that are posted here. This is something I will be working on myself.
For example, recently I started a thread asking to post your favorite places to take photographs. This is something that would maybe take a minute or two to complete and would help others find new places to shoot. Randall was the only person to respond to it. Kinda Sad really.
I know that I have missed the monthly meetings so far and a couple photowalks due to other obligations, but I try to keep things going online. I really like what Edgeways is doing for the group, he has a great vision to bring more local artists out to the public and I think that is really important.
However, I feel that things need to pickup online. I think we are slipping into a forum that is only about having members post two images a day here. Why not make it Post two images, give constructive criticism to the 4 images immediately to the right of the images you just posted into the pool?
By honestly critiquing images you learn allot about photography and your photos will improve, because you take the criticism with you into the field.
Well enough rambling, something for us to think about.
Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul (admin) 11 years ago
I really try to comment on everyone's photos. I don't feel qualified to give constructive criticism often though, as I am still learning and really only started shooting in earnest a few short months ago. I appreciate constructive criticism from you all, however, when you are able to give it.

I've been meaning to post in your favorite places thread, just haven't had time in the last couple of days, and I know you understand being busy with other things and not always having time. Anyway, I think it is a great idea for a thread and I hope that everyone takes the time to post in it because it is such a great idea.

Edited to add that I love this group and am so glad that I found it. You all have been so instrumental in my learning and I appreciate you all greatly. :-)
Shawn I kind of disagree. I see lots of good interactions here. Almost every post gets a response and I think it is growing in topics and helpful discussions. I agree on photo comments for sure but that is due to only 6 photos or so that appear on the front page. I myself should take more time to comment on photos but it's hard to find the time some days. The reason I haven't posted to your topic about favorite places to shoot is... I really don't have a favorite place to shoot? As far as 64 members and only 10 to 20 of us being active??? Well I don't think there is anything we can do about that. For some DPG is a huge part of our day and for others it is not. I don't think we should try to make people change the way or how much time they spend on DPG. To me is a nice place and a good idea and it will continue to grow. We did try and start a sub group on just critiques but it never really took off... It got buried in all the other posts and lost. IS there a way to make that happen as a link on the main page so it stays there? I really haven't dug too far into flickr but it seems to offer tons of options? I too feel that Edgeways is doing great stuff for the groups. He has taken on a big job and thats great.. It is also what Edgways is really into.. He is good at promotion and setting up art shows and he did them before DPG was ever around so it was natural for him to mend the two. I think in the short time DPG has been around it has become something very cool but I think it is safe for it to be a loose come as you are club and I personally don't want set rules that make people comment if they post a photo. If they do it then thats great but I think the posting and members would dwindle if we had set rules. I could be wrong and I may be blinded by the fact that there are 64 members and how cool it that syndrome. Just my 2 cents. And on top of this all, Shawn... you posing this question is good and it makes us all think about where this group is going and what it could be. It really is the only way to make change and it could be that this post is all we need to get people to step up their game. I will walk away from this post with intent to comment on group members photos more.
Thanks Shana and Moe.
These types of responses are exactly what I was after. I really love this group and am glad I found it. The people I have met are nice and easy to get along with and there is some real great talent here.
What I wanted to accomplish with this thread is to get the wheels spinning in our member's minds to try and keep things moving and hopefully spark some creative ideas.
So far, mission accomplished.
Hi Shana,
Don't be afraid to comment. From experience, I learned a ton by commenting when I started out and still do. If someone disagrees with your comment, they will let you know why they disagree and then you both learn from that experience.
I think photographers with so called experience can learn allot from a newcomer, simply for the fact that they have fresh eyes and see in a way that the seasoned photographer has forgot to see.
You have come along way in the short time you have been photographing and I look forward to seeing you progress.
edgeways 11 years ago
thanks for the kind words guys.
Shawn, I totally see where you are coming from, it would be nice if a higher % of the group commented and where active, but other than give them incentives to do so I'm not sure how to make them. (that is why one of the photo-show guidelines says I'll give more weight in selection to active members)

Occasionally I'll post photos to some group that mandates you have to comment on previous submission if you submit, often time those comments turn into "nice photo", "neat" or some such. It's a good idea in principle but in practice it tends to fall apart (kind of like Communism... or, er, Democracy).

For it's size it is a pretty active group, everyone here who contributes to the forums has a decent shot at knowing everyone else who participates, and that is pretty key. Given that we have spread by word of mouth primarily I think we're doing good. Anything much bigger and you start having to be more organized and formal at meetings anything smaller and it is just a bunch of friends hanging out and drinking, showing each other their etchings, er, photographs.

And while we're at it, lets spread the love eh? Thanks Moe for starting this, you have the charisma and je ne sais quoi that is needed to get people involved, thanks HBR for bringing your experience, participation and ideas, thanks Shana for all your comments and being so darned active, thanks for starting the topic Shawn and to everyone who makes the effort, puts in the time, I am truly glad to be part of this.

Be assertive, be kind, take photos and talk.
HBRstudios 11 years ago
Well stated, Edge!

And to Shawn, let's think of ways that we can get more people actively involved! I know that I am a member of groups that I almost never post to or even check up on, so the question is, how would we get more people more involved? I think the answer must be in personal interaction, whether "inside" of flickr or out on the "street." The more we connect with people, the more willing they will be to stay connected and contribute themselves. Keep making comments when you can, keep starting conversations, keep trying to get people together for meetings, walks, shows, beers (did I say that?) etc.

I don't think that it is reasonable to think that even half of the members of this group become regular contributors, but if we keep doin' what we're doin,' it will only grow.

Yes, thank you, Aaron, for taking the initiative to start this!
Kumbaya people. And I like Brian's idea that we should drink more beer together. Or, root beer for those not of age.

Actually, I should probably not drink beer with you all, lest I end up completely embarrassing myself and end up being "that" woman. ;-)
manley.josh 11 years ago
hey all, i have only been a member for a short while. i also really enjoy this group. i have been posting here more often then i have in my other groups mainly because of the people that i have met, so i will agree with HBR. Shawn, HBR, Edge, and a mothers soul, you have all left great feedback on some of my photos. i have taken a lot of the comments into account when i shoot now, and i'm getting better (i feel, anyway :) ). i could contribute more to commenting on others photos though. Going forward i will try harder to be more active on the commenting scene.

great thread Shawn, i think this will make others more aware of their group habits.
Randall Cottrell 11 years ago
this topic could set a record of longest replies to a question ever
"randall_cottrell says:
this topic could set a record of longest replies to a question ever"

Karl W. 11 years ago
I disagree with the root beer for those not of age, but that's just me
Fine, water then. ;-)
aReasontoHope 11 years ago
Karl, suck it up and accept the rootbeer. Or steal Moe's drink. Either way.
edgeways 11 years ago
water? WATER? nah, larks vomit I say. mmm nevermind
Barley water. I am drinking a delicious New Glarus Spotted Cow as I type this. Mmmmmm, beeeeeeeeeerrrrrr....
Sweetlake Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Sweetlake (moderator) 11 years ago
I better chime in just to seem like an active member. I belong to the 'Pavement' group but must admit I don't get there every day. or week. well, maybe every 6 months I look to see if something weird is there. I do check here fairly often. Too often for my wife's and dog's taste.

Shawn, I read the favorite places post and thought, like moe, that I don't have one, but I did appreciate you sharing. I would like more constructive criticism on all of my posts. Copying and pasting pictures to the discussion groups is tedious for me. In comments I try to be honest about what I like and why I like it. Suggested crops are good as well. I don't post negative criticism and I don't get much either, although I probably deserve some.

peace, love and thanks to all that make up the group!
Sweetlake Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Sweetlake (moderator) 11 years ago
and check out new member kimmerhoo , he's got some fab photos, especially of the harbor. I hope to learn from this guy.
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