Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul 9:47pm, 4 October 2007
These ideas are totally stolen from another group I am involved in, but I think it would be fun for us to do and would encourage people to be involved.

I think we should have weekly (or bi-weekly, or even monthly) contests for two privileges. The first would be a nominating and voting process for a photo that would be displayed on the front page of our group page. Basically members would have a chance to nominate a favorite photo from the pool and once we had a certain number of nominations (say 5 for now since we are still a smallish group) then we would all have an opportunity to vote for our favorite photo out of those. The winning photo would get to be displayed in all of it's glory for the next week (or whatever time we choose).

The second privilege would be a sort of "choosing" contest (contest probably isn't the right word here, but my brain is fried, so bear with me). This would be to pick photos to be our group's icon. We would start with say, Aaron. Aaron would go into the group's pool and choose a photo to become the icon for the next week. Then the next week the person whose photo Aaron chose would get the privilege of choosing the icon photo for the following week, and so on. Make sense?

Also? I think we should display our group's monthly theme challenge winner on the front page as well and that photo would get to be on the front page for a whole month, from meeting to meeting. So for this month Ted's picture should be there until we meet next and vote on this month's theme.
aReasontoHope 11 years ago
I like the idea of having online contests aside from the one we have at the meeting. And the monthly theme challenge winner on the front page seems like a good idea.
Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer (admin) 11 years ago
I actually started monthly challenges here, but after a couple months and about 2 people participating (including myself) per month I stopped. It was kinda depressing.
I guess if we had an incentive plan, maybe we would get a better response.
What I am talking about wouldn't really be challenges per say. More just choosing favorite photographs from the pool so that we can display some of our member's best work.

And I didn't participate in your last challenge. Shawn, because I couldn't figure out how to do it. :-)
Karl W. 11 years ago
Well maybe we could have actual incentives for the challenges? For a possible weekly or probably more practically for the monthly? Maybe using the "money fund" that will be started? A small prize? But it might get people more active with it?
HBRstudios Posted 11 years ago. Edited by HBRstudios (admin) 11 years ago
Well, it seems that my attempt to start a "contest", if you will, failed with the DPG top 30 group. I think I will be deleting that group in the near future. It's goal was to keep a running account of all the "best" work of the group. Oh, well, it was an experiment.

I like the idea of a scoring system put in place and those that want to enter the contest can do so with all others scoring the set. I have seen other groups that start a thread, limit it to the first 10, 20, 30, whatever, and then members score each and a winner is announced.

Incentives? I like the idea. I also like the thought of the top dog being the lead photo for the DPG group page (someone would have to add it to the group description.) I don't believe that we are at the point where we can do a monetary prize, but maybe in the future.

Time frame? I think even every 2 weeks is a little quick to be able to get quality images unless we know well ahead of time what the topics are. If we were to get a list of contest topics for the next few months, with opening and closing dates, we could have the posting be open for even a week, then have it available for scoring for 2-3 days (I think it would be best if you don't have scoring available while others are still posting to the thread.) After this time, the new topic thread gets posted and we begin again.

These ideas, though, beg the questions: Who gets to run these threads? Who is in charge of making sure it goes the way it should? I guess these are things we can discuss here if we decide to go this route.
I think it could all still work we just need someone to play with flickr and figure out easy visual links on the main page? Who has the time and knows some HTML code? I don't.
edgeways Posted 11 years ago. Edited by edgeways (admin) 11 years ago
I know a moderate amount of html, but all things considered am fairly flickr ignorant so don't know what kind of plug-ins are available or how customizable the group front page is. I'll do some group hopping this evening and see if there are any templates that look good.

edit - grrr I can think of two problems, one technical (I'll hunt down duluthiscool and ask him about that) and the other is semi ethical. In order for someone else to post other people's photos on the front page (or anywhere really) permission is going to have to be obtained from everyone who has joined the group that this is ok, AND their photos can't be marked as private, this can be done going forward for any new members by enabling the "group rules" option that new members have to check off before they can join.

...We could perhaps just start a new topic, and post information all over the page that as of X date if you don't want a photo to be considered for inclusion on the front page it must be marked private...

I can do the html for posting the pictures (well, I could if I had admin privileges....., otherwise I can type it up and email it to one of the admins). It is really easy to add the photos to the front page. I do it every week for the FUTAB group.

Second, people, some of you are way over thinking this I think. ;-) This should just be for FUN! I'm not suggesting another theme challenge or that people go out of their way to take their best photos ever for this. I'm just suggesting that we post photos as usual (and we have all been posting some really interesting stuff as is anyway) and then we just basically vote to chose a photo to be on our front page. And we take turns choosing whose photo gets to be the group icon.

If you all would rather make it more "complicated" (i.e giving out prizes or a scoring system) I'll go along with it and I can help keep up the threads, but I was thinking of something more along the lines of way simple and just for fun. The "prize" would be bragging rights and getting to have your photo on the the front page for a certain period of time if you win.

As for the permissions to post, I think we can just post a rule on the front page that if people choose to add their photos to the pool that they may be chosen to have their photo displayed on our page. Then it would just be a sort of "post at your own risk" sort of deal. In the FUTAB group I post the winning photo every week and we have never worried about asking for permission to post the photo. Everyone who posts their photos know that they may be chosen for the weekly contest. Also, if someone posts a private photo to the group and it gets nominated then I just email the person who nominated the photo and tell them to choose another photo. That hasn't been a big deal either.

Happy Friday, everyone!
edgeways 11 years ago
Ta da, magic you are now starred.
I was actually trying to think of a way to allow anyone (members) to post a photo on the front page, not just admins, the img src thing is easy enough, but a rotating "I think this the the best" would be cool. Someone selects an image from the pool posts it to the front page, the selectee then has X amount of days to choose a new image from someone else...
Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul (admin) 11 years ago
Cool! Thanks, Edge. I'll go ahead and add Ted's photo to the page and if he doesn't like it, well, he can take it up with me. ;-) Edited: Never mind, I see you already did that. I'm going to make it a medium sized photo though so it is easier to see. K? Okay.

As for the rest, your idea of just have the selectee's choosing is cool too. Either way I personally just want simple. Anything too complicated and possibly time consuming are going to cause people to give up on participating pretty quick I think.
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