I kinda took this info and layout from the Outdoor Photographer website.
This is a thread for our members to list and share their favorite places to take photographs and a brief description on how to access them.
Lastly, include a medium sized photo to your reply.
I'll start....

Copy and Paste the following and add your info to the Post
Location :
Brief directions:
GPS coordinates:
Best season:
Essential gear:

Location : Stony Point
Brief directions: Located off Scenic Hwy 61 near Tom's Old Loging Camp.
GPS coordinates: N/A
Best season: Year Round
Essential gear: Tripod, GND and Polarizing Filters, Warm Clothes
Notes: Stony Point, Located on the north shore of Lake Superior offers many interesting things to photograph from rocks carved by years of crashing waves to beautiful landscapes with crystal clear water. This is one of my favorite spots and it is great year round.
Dusk - HDR
Randall Cottrell Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Randall Cottrell (moderator) 11 years ago
Location : canal park/bridge
Brief directions: straight down lake ave
GPS coordinates: not a clue
Best season: summer [then winter]
Essential gear: camera/wide angle lens/tripod [night]
Notes: great people watching/lighthouses/and of course the bridge

sail boat b&w
Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer (admin) 11 years ago
I guess I will keep this going

Location : Brighton Beach (aka Kitchee Gammi Park)
Brief directions: When heading North out of Duluth on London Rd. Just after the Lester river, take a right into Kitchee Gammi Park
GPS coordinates: N/A
Best season: Year Round
Essential gear: Tripod, misc filters and warm clothes
Notes: Interesting rock formations, landscapes and views.

Ethereal Rocks - Pseudo HDR
Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul (admin) 11 years ago
Location : Pattison Park

Brief directions: Get thee self to Superior. Find Tower Ave. Go South. Keep going until you reach the city limits. Then go south some more. About 2-3 miles out of the city you will see a sign for Pattison State Park. Turn left at sign. Voila, you are at Pattison.

GPS coordinates: Ummm?

Best season: Year round. Seriously.

Essential gear: Good walking/hiking shoes, tripod (or not), a willingness to do some possibly extensive walking/hiking, a bottle of water. Oh, and either a WI State Park Pass, or some cash for parking.

Notes: Pattison has waterfalls. Really beautiful waterfalls at that. Below is a picture of the river that goes into the waterfall that most people know about. However, in my stream you can also find a photo or two of the twin falls, which are located in a lesser known area of Pattison. Great hiking trails with fantastic river views and opportunities to see wildlife. (On my last major hike I saw a buck, although he was moving too fast for me to photograph him. He scared the s--t out of me actually.)

River running
peteSwede PRO 11 years ago
Start off by stating that i favor shooting automobiles. I plan on doing more for other people soon and we'll see were that goes. I don't really like hiking around to find shots of nature. I'll do it with friends, but it's not really my cup o' tea.

Location : Michigan St. and 28th ave W.
Brief directions: It's group of old buildings a block down from the Post office on Michigan and 25th ave. (I may be off by a block or 2 here and then.) They have been tearing it down lately unfortunately, it will soon be flat land I assume for new construction.
GPS coordinates: I don't have that.
Best season: I only found it this summer, and it will be gone soon, so NOW.
Essential gear: Your stuff. wide angle I guess.
Notes: It's going soon, it's old decayed industrial stuff.

an old one that's blown out:


a newer one:

bye bye
Randall Cottrell 11 years ago
dub...sweet! i'll probably head overthere tomorrow on my way to work. i work at papa murphy's [46th and grand] but will pass near the area on my way. i love urban stuff and those buildings are just waiting to be photographed!!!
kimmerhoo Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kimmerhoo (member) 11 years ago
Location : Duluth side under and around the High Bridge
Brief directions: I-35 Garfield exit to under the bridge area
GPS coordinates: unknown
Best season: I like summer best,but anytime is good
Essential gear: always have warm clothes handy
Notes: This area offers all kinds of harbor shots and great views of the bridge as well. The fishing pier and walkway extends out to near the center of the High Bridge near the shipping lane and offers great close shots of passing ships and other craft. The bayside just west of the concrete works offers great views of the High Bridge,passing ships and carriers loading at the coal dock. HIGH & LOW BRIDGE
Barrett 11 years ago
dubswede: they're building the new heritage center, which will be a huge hockey complex, with two rinks, a hotel, and a brewery. cool shots -- I work at the post office and I always eye that place up but never managed to get any shots.
peteSwede PRO 11 years ago
hockey, hotel and beer? You're kidding me.
my sadness for the lost buildings has been consoled.

*randall, I get pizza from your place all the time. I'll look for you on my next visit.
manley.josh 11 years ago
shawn you beat me to the punch on the brighton beach...i love that place, and i always like rundown buildings (dub)
Randall Cottrell 11 years ago
dub...alright cool. and i'm excited to get to those buildings tomorrow

and i have a nametag lol
Sweetlake 11 years ago
Location : Saguaro National Park
Brief directions: go to Tucson, AZ head west 8 miles
GPS coordinates:
Best season: late summer, fall
Essential gear: water bottle
Notes: Great hiking and sights. Friendly plants.
Y'all come back
Ted, are you going to fly some of us there for a photowalk? ;-)
HBRstudios 11 years ago
My sister used to live in that area. I have done some hiking through Sabino Canyon years ago.
edgeways 11 years ago
photofly photofly
Karl W. 11 years ago
well there is that one airlines that'll fly you to vegas for $100?
Akatzmarkphotography 11 years ago
I love Tucson, we vacationed there this winter for 2 months it was heaven!
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