Randall Cottrell 4:48am, 24 September 2007
my mom never likes the pics that we always get at school, so she had me take my little bro's pics today. he's 15 and is a sophomore.

i think they turned out alright, and it was good practice. i've done grads, and after this shoot, maybe i could take a few in my yard lol

these were my 4 faves

i was just looking for some input


[none are edited yet]

sophomore pics? lol

sophomore pics? lol

3 [i'll have to do something about the truck lol]
sophomore pics? lol

sophomore pics? lol
HBRstudios 11 years ago
I put my 0.02 as comments to the images (the second and last listed here.)
Randall Cottrell 11 years ago
thanks hbr

i noticed the watch after i posted them and it made me chuckle a bit. but oh well

and now that you said that, i do notice that the lack of arm in the pic is a bit distracting.

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