MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina 5:50pm, 20 September 2007
Hello everyone. DPG is 89 strong and most of us have no idea who you are... So let make this an assignment of sorts and take a self portrait and post the thumb here. You could also write a small bio about yourself... I will start....
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I am Aaron Molina aka Moeview
I'm 35 years old born and raised in Northfield, MN
I have a 3 year old daughter with my girlfriend Kyle.
I work at Harbor City Int School.
I shoot a Nikon D200 w/ 18-200 VR lens / 50mm 1.8 / 10.2 fisheye photoshop CS3, PC not mac, several photoshop plugins.
I used to be in a band called (if thousands )
I love many things but some most notable are. Photography, Old time radio, Christmas & Christmas music, fine coffee, snow, This American Life, corn mazes, Halloween, jazz, beer, The Office, Catcher in the rye, VIP Pizza, Internet radio, ipod & podcasts, camping, night shooting, 80's music, severe weather and most of all being a Dad. It was nice to meet you...
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Hey, I just so happened to NOT be locked out of flickr today on the school's network so here is me:

Day 12 - Infrared Close
See my photo stream for my 365 self portrait project (no, I didn't come up with the idea, search groups for 365 and you will see hundreds doing the same thing.)


Brian, 41, married, teacher, semi-professional photographer with more equipment than I know what to do with -- and very little space to put it since I closed my physical studio about 2 years ago. I shoot Nikon D200 and 4x5 (both field and studio view cameras.) Feel free to check out my profile for a more complete list.

My studio was a portrait/wedding business with the usual sports teams and proms/dances, etc. but also included photojournalism for the local paper (which I am still doing today.) The studio was a success and reached all of the goals it was designed for, so it was the right time to close it down, restructure the business, and look toward the future and the things that really got me hooked on photography to begin with -- art and commercial work. My "art" at this point is mostly nature (and I am partial to b/w images) and I am building my commercial portfolio. When will I officially attempt to gain some commerical work? Who knows because right now I really do like having my weekends back! There are no plans to quit teaching in the near (or not so near) future. Check out the website at
Thanx and I am glad to be a part of this group and happy that you are as well.
I didn't take this fish eye, but Aaron (aka MoeView) did and it's the closet thing I have to a self portrait.

I am 28, single and I work for Duluth Public Schools.
I picked up my first camera a few years ago, it was 3mp point and shoot. I decided about a year and a half ago that I needed a creative outlet and I purchased a Pentax *ist DL Digital SLR and have been hooked ever since. I recently developed a website to showcase some of my work, you can check it out here
thanks for reading my boring bio.
- Shawn

I'm Shana (that would be Shane-a). I'm 31 and I live in Superior. I have a bunch of kids, four to be exact, which is sort of funny because I swore that I was never going to have kids. They are really incredible though. :-) I've been married for 8+ years to a lovely man who tolerates me and my craziness, so he's got to be a keeper. I'm "working" on my Master's thesis, "working" meaning I haven't touched it since May and I probably won't finish it for years because I'm cool like that.

I've always wanted to be a photographer and for whatever reason didn't start pursing it until a few short months ago. I basically have no idea what I am doing, but sometimes I get lucky and get some nice shots. Either way, I love my camera and I love taking pictures, and I've learned a lot from this here DPG.

For all of the newbies, Welcome!
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day 14_08.22.07

hello, i'm randall.

i just graduated from hermantown high school in june, and i am now going to lake superior college to get some generals done with before i go off to umd to give college cross country/track a try. i also plan on majoring in architecture someday. maybe a minor in photography along the way.

most of my free time is taken up taking pictures, reading just about anything online, hanging out with friends/my girlfriend, playing x box, stuff your average 18 year old will do. i also love, love, love music. i've played piano since i was in 3rd grade, and my friend and i are trying to get another band together soon. i mostly listen to alternative/emo/indie/etc rock, and went to numerous concerts in the cities last year.

i have been a runner for a long time, and ran cc and track from 6th grade on. i was the lake superior conference cc champ last fall, and have run the garry bjorkland half marathon the past two years and plan on running the ful marathon this june.

with a hunk of my graduation money i bought a nikon d40x and absolutely love it. i have some older lenses, bought a 50 1.8 and my next paycheck is going to be used to buy the 55-200mm vr, so i can do some more sports/action shots.

i have learned tons from this group, and good luck to everybody!
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self St J 2

Hello, my name is Edgewood Smith. I was born in Toronto, grew up partly in Newfoundland, and further in Nashville TN. At my first opprtunity I fled north again, got my undergrad at Northland college in Ashland, and am on the very verge of finishing my Masters via UMD.

I got my first camera before I dropped out of High School (homeschooled myself after that), I had a bit of money and it came down to buying tickets to see Pink Floyd, or get a camera, so I got a camera a Pentax K100. Off and on I've made small amounts of $ taking photos here and there but have avoided seeking regular employment doing so, as I hold the belief you should be wary of doing something you love for a job as it will suck the fun out of it. I wish I was more forward in taking photos of people I don't know, but as I'm not I usually turn the camera to subjects that can't complain.

I have been married to the artist Bridget Riversmith for 13 years, no kids I can just play with other people's kids and give them back when they get fussy.

Sometimes I worry that I come across as too pushy, but I've learned to deal with that in that face that I hate it when great ideas get abandoned.

My Myers Briggs designations is INFP, my shoe size is 13.
peteSwede PRO 11 years ago

I'm Peter. I'm 27, born and raised in Willmar, MN. Developed an early love for ice cream working at the family Dairy Queens as early as i can remember. Moved up here for school and after graduating, I couldn't understand why my friends all moved to the twin cities and decided to stay.
Play hockey off/on but usually off. Like to think I'm a bicyclist but don't get out much. I love my volkswagens. I feel I missed out on the whole man/car tinkering thing when i was younger and am making up for it now. Helped start my car club, North Shore VW Society, where we have meetings and get togethers, we adopted-a-highway on 35 down by sandstone.
I read fiction, listen to music as constantly as socially acceptable, love to drive around looking at different parts of town, play dominoes, play guitar along with classic rock and watch a lot of movies.

I have roommates that help pay the mortgage, a firepit that gets used less and less often and a messy garage. I end things abruptly.
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Once, I was a CaveMan... and I looked like this...

"Hello Caveman"

Now I more or less look like this...

Behind the Beard...

And yea... I brush my teeth. And I have grey hair... until I pull them out one at a time...

So... DuluthIsCool... I love Duluth. And my name is Rich. I have been a resident of this fine city since 1989, when I moved here from the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities... I am close enough to 43 to say that I am... I have three wonderful kids, and I am a computer nerd/geek by training... and as it turns out, that's my job. Oh. My dog? His name is Nemo. He's white in color, and has short little legs.

I guess I'm probably still a caveman.
edgeways 11 years ago
That would be a technophile caveman, no Luddite you.
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I'm Jake Saari and I'm going to UMD to study geology and photography. I make and deliver sandwiches for a living because I'm too lazy to find a better job. I got into photography about a year ago, and I decided to spend a huge portion of my savings on a DSLR because I was spending too much on film and processing. I've been learning a lot and my camera has taken me places I would never go otherwise.
aReasontoHope 11 years ago
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My name is Allison. Those close to me call me Al.
I am fifteen years old.
I'm a student at Harbor City International School. (& yes, Moe is my lunch lady/ toilet cleaner/ substitute when he's needed.)
I don't think there's too much you need to know about me,
or atleast that I'm willing to share.
I've been a vegetarian for three years.
I'm applying to the Perpich Center for Arts Education for my junior and senior years in highschool.
After that I plan on going to college and getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Majoring in Photography.
I'm quite fond of: my pez collection of over 250, my journals, my observations, the Teen Titans, tattoos, long walks, dusk, fall leaves, being in love, finding new music, dying my hair, and of course taking photographs.
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it's my day off an no one to play with...

My name is Josh Manley. I've been in Duluth for almost 7 years. I grew up in the cities, moved up here for school (degree pending), and now work for Qwest. My slight hiatus from school will hopefully end this year but who knows what the future holds. I live in lakeside, just blocks away from two of the best nature locations in Duluth, Brighton Beach and Lester River.

I have always loved photography as a hobby, i sold cameras for Best Buy when i was 18, and loved it ever since. my camera progression went from my first point and shoot Sony DSC-P1 to the Sony DSC-V3 "prosumer" which made me feel cool but it didn't really do as much as i wanted. i later bought a point and shoot Canon SD-550 for goofing around. i loved that camera! but eventually a DSLR was going to have to happen. I just purchased a Canon 30D, which has been a tremendous money pit, but fun! I have the Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L, and the EF-S 60mm f/2.8.

other then that i love music, there are a few local bands that i love to follow. My biggest hobby though is reserved for movies. I also enjoy long windy walks on the beach....someone had to say it.

anything else...ask me.
peteSwede PRO 11 years ago
bump for n00bs.
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Hello there.
I'm Laramie.
I grew up in Grand Marais, MN, and haven't seen much of the world because of it. It's a lovely small town, but is so cut off from everything. I attended high school there and was a 3 sport person. (Cross Country, Basketball, and Track) In that time, I acquired a digital camera and began to take pictures for fun. To record all those times and look at them later. I gradually learned the ins and outs of my camera in manual mode, and started to become a bit more serious.
I started at UMD last year for general classes, but am now enrolled in the pre-Studio major here. I hope to get into the Digital Arts and Photography program at the end of the semester.
I currently shoot with a Canon Rebel XT, Speedlite 430ex and a 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 lens. This is my main setup.
I do mostly band photography around here, and was featured in July 2007 in the High Plains Drifter as artist of the month. Any sort of photography really gets me though.

Akatzmarkphotography 11 years ago

Im Ariel mom to 2. I live in Solon Springs, WI and my SO builds houses and logs wood. I have a website

I also do a little Massage Therapy in my spare time, haha
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hello all. i'm natalie and have arrived here due to my new found "stalking" of dubswede.

i am 24 yrs. old, and have been happily married for 2+ yrs. to my high school sweetheart. i grew up in duluth, have traveled most of the country and decided that duluth is the place for me.

i enjoy movies, cheese, jesus, music, dancing, laughing, pictures, make up, hard ciders, the 22nd st. beach, hosting parties, my hair, kittens, warm weather, black nail polish, brendon, and singing.
fallfaceforward: go to your image and click the "all sizes". Then click the size that you want (medium will work for this purpose). Page down and copy the code, which you will then need to paste into your msg. And voila, your photo will show up in your msg!
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Awesome Self Portrait Taken by Someone Else

28 WM. Excels at making his hair look horrible when other people take his photo. Fears binary.
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