Barrett 12:03am, 14 September 2007
Has anyone here ever tried tilt-shift photography? With tilt-shift photography, you use a flexible lens to create a narrow band of focus on a scene which would normally have an infinite focus. The result is that huge items in the photo (buildings, cars, etc.) end up looking like tiny models. It's hard to look at a tilt-shift photograph and believe that you are NOT looking at a photograph of models.

Here's a great slideshow (with audio narrative) on the subject.

Also, it is possible to replicate the tilt-shift look using Photoshop, but real tilt-shift photography is done with a special lens, such as a Lensbaby.
HBRstudios 11 years ago
I have seen it, but never tried it -- but it is on my list for things to experiment with my 4x5. I have not thought of trying it with my lensbaby!
Very cool and impressive photos in the slideshow that you linked.
K. Praslowicz 11 years ago
Once you work with tilt & shift on 4x5 and can wrestle any scene into what appears to be infinite depth of field, fixed lens camera become way more annoying for tripod work.
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