Howdy - I'm new!

grafickly 7:41am, 23 August 2007
Hi everyone. New guy here. Thought I would post an image I captured today and get a few opinions.

Grasshopper (twitch)

Y'all have a great group going here. Fun stuff.
Posted at 2:41am just getting up or just going down? Wow... Anyway the photo is great .. nice macro and DOF great green color... The top right and left edges kind of draw your attention away from the grasshopper, mostly the right corner. Also that bright spot between it's antennas. Nothing that you couldn't clean up. The focus seems to be on the center of the body and I think it would be better on it's head. Beyond that it is a cool photo. Welcome aboard. Looking forward to more of your photos.
Welcome aboard, you have found a helpful and friendly group that is for sure.
I think a little more DOF would have helped you get more in focus. The fact that the head is out of focus is a bit distracting. I find the colors to be great and well saturated. The part of the grasshopper that is in focus is really sharp, which is great.
So i think a couple more stops down would help, but I know how hard that can be, especially if you were shooting hand held.
HBRstudios 11 years ago
Agreed on all points (plus cutting off the front leg is a bit distracting) and welcome!
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