Photo Walk #2

Randall Cottrell 7:58am, 9 August 2007
i just thought i'd be easier to start a new topic for the new photowalk than to keep using the old one

so all you planners out there, here's your chance. i'm really flexible so i'll let people w/ conflicts plan around what they have to do.

hartley recap:
after the last walk, we mentioned going on a shoot in jay cooke once the fall colors started to do their thing. shawn mentioned maybe planning that trip.

but if anybody's up for anything before then, like the night walk, i'd love to go on one. the more the better. i know moeview said he'd like to maybe even do this type of stuff weekly. i'm sure many would agree with him.
I would be up for some late night shooting somewhere out of the city limits.. Anyone have some property outside the city with a nice view of some sky and trees? An old barn? Open field? This weekend? Late Saturday night? 11pm ish
Just an FYI, there is going to be a huge meteor shower late Sunday night/early Monday morning, up to 60 meteors an hour. Probably not a good time for a photo walk, but just wanted to post about it in case anyone might be interested in shooting it.
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