edgeways 4:56pm, 18 June 2007
So, a few of us where thinking of doing a little brainstorming to come up with basic ideas for the main DPG meetings. I offered up my place as a spot to gather, have a beverage, not have to yell to be heard, and hammer out some sort of direction to move in.

If you are interested, it is slated for tomorrow at 6:30pm, unless there is a complete lack of interest.

if you are interested and need directions (upper woodland area), drop me a note at edgeways at that gmail dot com place.

of course we can also do this online, it'll just take longer and be messier.
Ill be there. Aaron
kenji.ogura 11 years ago
I'll be there, too.
I can't make it, but would love to hear what happened.
eclectic_poly_pair 11 years ago
we will not be able to make it but would love to hear the what happend too!
Sweetlake 11 years ago
I'm out of the country but keep me up to date.
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