edgeways 10:31pm, 21 May 2007
So, on a different blog I ran across this, and paraphrasing what I said on the other site, it's kind of a disappointment. There are some really good shots, but out of the 40 photos (I ignored the altered images category) I was only really moved by 3 of them, 15 or so where compete meh, the rest where only ok to good, nothing fantastic.

For a high end national magazine that's pretty crappy, I see photos just as good and better on flickr every single day.
brianbarber 11 years ago
I'd have to agree. I'm blown away by what I see on Flickr, even compared to what I see in professional mags like Communication arts. Part of it may be that the images are smaller, hiding the flaws that you would normally see in a bigger photo.
edgeways 11 years ago
I wonder if there would be a significant market for a photo magazine culled exclusively from flickr images?
Edgeways... your on to something. I like it.
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