MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina 8:18pm, 8 May 2007
I decide to give us time to recover from Homegrown and plan some ideas for our 1st meeting. So it will be at least 2 weeks away towards the end of may. In the meantime post photos, share tips and tricks, and give ideas of good things and places to shoot.

I will start.. If you use Photoshop... consider getting the NoiseNinja plug-in it is a great thing.

Anyone up for some night shooting soon? Aaron (moeview)
Barrett 11 years ago
That NoiseNinja program is exactly what I've been looking for!
craigrhodejr 11 years ago
Thank you for the tip! NoiseNinja has helped me alot!
Yea that noise ninja kicks but. Makes us all look good. Aaron
Sweetlake 11 years ago
Sounds like fun. Keep me posted!

BTW, For the price of the plug in you can get Bibble, has NN built in and handles Raw from lots of cameras.
northshorehiker 11 years ago
Just for something to compare with NN, I've also had really good results with NeatImage, another noise removal/sharpening PS plug-in.

Looking forward to participating in the group!
MyGallery 11 years ago
For those on a budget, Paint Shop Pro, beginning with version 9 if I'm correct has a built in digital noise filter; reduces noise with correction blend to sharpening and I've found it works quite well.
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