olaemi 8:44am, 16 December 2009
My locks were started on the 18th October 2007.

I did one or two a day until i finished them. I have 49 dreadlocks and am very proud of them. They were very very short when i did them and now they are past my shoulders :)

I made them by seperating, not in squares but round even bits of hair and back combing and crocheting each of them. I spent about 30mins on each and made them perfectly round.


So, join the post and tell us your dreadlock birthday :D
dreadheadedlivin 9 years ago
Today is my one year dread anniversary
OwlwO 9 years ago
DarkmoonDoll PRO 9 years ago
I have had mine since 7/98. Mine started off as little baby dreads. They were able to dread naturally because I have african hair
justanordinarykid 9 years ago
i just had my 6 months :] 6/24/09
feigned match [deleted] 9 years ago
My dread birthday is 6/21/09, so they are about six months old now.
thoughtful sidewalk [deleted] 9 years ago
mine is around sep 06, but re-born on april 19th/07 =)
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shivas india 7 years ago
november 24 2010
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