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olaemi 10:41am, 5 December 2008
White people and dreads

I hate it when narrow minded people ask me "Why do you have dreads, your white?!" I just think it’s inappropriate for some people to make assumptions about someone they don’t know.

People need to live their own lives and not be concerned with how someone else is living there’s. Restricting a certain hair style to a certain skin tone doesn't get rid of the notion of race, it encourages it. However, why should they only symbolize Africa or Jamaica?

Dreadlocks are referenced in the Bible in Numbers 6 where the nazarite wouldn't cut their hair as part of a vow they would take for holiness. There's a story about a nazarite who had all his miraculous power in his hair and when it was cut off he was weakened.

Some people are putting way too much weight and meaning in a hair style. If dreads mean anything then what does a braid mean? What does a bun or french twist mean? And if some group of people get together attach a meaning and all wear their hair in buns does that mean no one else outside that group should wear their hair that way? Please.

I admit some people don’t look good with dreadlocks no matter what colour their skin but it’s their choice, maybe religion. Is there a rule? Are people just so old fashioned they still think like this? People should be more open and willing to travel and learn about another ethnicity or race and their culture.

The thing that a lot of people refuse to look past is appearance, Self-expression can either go as far your body or as far your mind. People who look down on others who wear dreads are not ending racism, they are favoring racism.

My point is to show that people of all colors, white or not, are not made differently. We are all made out of the same substances with the same origin. Therefore, if one is white, black, latino, asian- whatever, the way people do their hair is a way of making themselves unique. So if you are offended by the way a person tries to make themselves unique, you are practically advocating that certain people can't be unique because of their skin color. It doesn't make sense.
maruan's travel [a bit away.. vEEEry busy] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by maruan's travel [a bit away.. vEEEry busy] (member) 10 years ago
very well said Jaden!

the very person who says or think this is in itself racist / prejudiced!

the dreadlock usually is associated to a free mind, a FREE CULTURE!!!!
and if is not and is "just" for the look who cares!?! nobody has nothing to do with it.

that is a petty way of thinking.. and sad!
Maybe there aren't enough people to understand...
Scaryanne 9 years ago
You go girl!
My mother says things like that to me about mine.. I hate that
DarkmoonDoll PRO 9 years ago
I am African American and it does not bother me when white people wears dreadlocks. I think that dreads are the natural state of all hair regardless of ethnicity. Maybe these people are not comfortable within there own being and are projecting their own insecurities out on you.
Your locks are beautiful by the way!!!
olaemi 9 years ago
THANKYOU, guys and girlies for taking the time to read and write your thoughts. much appreciated :)
I agree with you it's a matter of self expression and individual freedoms...

so when someone hassels you about what ever it is your doing just brush the hater off and move on to those who truly accept your individuality...

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