Rich Gibson PRO 11:43am, 19 June 2007
I talked with my dad. It turns out he was in the Navy Reserve, which I didn't know, and for a year while he was doing his medical internship at St. Luke's hospital he went to Treasure Island regularly for training.

He was a hospital corpsman. At this point he had graduated medical school-arguably he was a tad bit overqualified to empty bedpans :-) He'd "go to a class room and hear stuff he already knew but he pretended he didn't because he got tired of being told he should take off his seaman's uniform and put on an officers uniform" -he knew if he took a commission he would be obliged to serve many more years and he didn't want to.

"I may be the only person in the history of the Navy to be in for eight years, and not once did my body go aboard a ship."

But for all that, he didn't actually have any more detailed memories...maybe I can drag him back and pump him for more details.
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