Vickie @ In My Head Studios PRO 4:01pm, 11 September 2008
My mother and I have put getting ready for the holidays into gear in the studio. We're altering dominos into Christmas tree ornaments. We're using the plastic white and ivory ones and coloring them with alcohol inks. But I'm having a problem sealing them.

I've tried Mod Podge and it makes the marker run. I've tried glossy varnish and that made my ink jet prints run. I've tried Triple Thick and it turned red alcohol ink to orange. I've tried spray acrylic sealer and it made some paper translucent. I've tried embossing powder and it was a hot mess.

I am out of ideas here! Help!

My question is... What do I seal these with?
ria52 [deleted] 9 years ago
Have you tried plain old pva glue as a sealer ( the white stuff) I think it is sometimes called Elmers or the other way would be to use Diamond Glaze!
Can't wait to see what you produce for Christmas!
Oh, I forgot to mention that I tried Diamond Glaze. It made the red run on printed scrapbook paper.
takeabreak PRO 9 years ago
In regards to ink jet prints I will allow the printed images to dry for a minimum of 24-hours. Once they are dry I use a very very soft bristle paint brush and liberally apply one layer of matt Mod Podge. Do not keep brushing back and forth - try to brush on one layer only. I will let that dry for at least 8-hours or more. Then on top of the Mod Podge I use a gloss non-yellowing Polycyrlic (I purchase it at Lowes & Home Depot)....let that dry completely and decide if you want another coat of Polycrylic. The steps I just shared have been working perfectly for me....and that was with lots and lots of trial and error....Most importantly, let everything dry between coats and do not brush brush brush.

Another idea in sealing images on dominos - this would especially work since they will be used for ornaments. Buy the good quality clear packing tape. Glue down your image to the domino, but do not add any type of embellishments on top of the image. Then take some packing tape and cut a piece larger then the domino and burnish it on top of the image. Turn you domino over, hold it and with a pair of scissors cut off the packing tape that goes beyond the domino sides. Take an emery board (the type you file your nails with) and lightly sand around the domino edge making sure that there is not any packing tape beyond the edge.....viola your image is sealed. You can now add metal embellishments, etc. on top of the image using E6000.

Have fun ;^{} joAnne
For items that will smear easily - like chalks and certain kinds of inks, I always use Krylon Fixatif to set the color. It comes in a spray, like spray paint. You lightly spray this over your dominoes and let them dry for several minutes. Once dry, you can use your favorite glaze over the top - or you can leave them as they are. Once the Fixatif has dried, I usually put Diamond Glaze over my dominoes because I like the glossy look. I've made my dominoes like this for years and have always had good results...even with the alcohol inks. Good luck.... :)
perpetualplum 9 years ago
I sometimes use a fixative. Krylon is my favorite brand. I often brush lightly with mod podge. I often use a wood finish by Deft. I like American Accents Clear Top Coat.

I prefer a matte finish on just about everything I seal. Almost all the products I use are matte.

I've had some inks that are particularly difficult. Like Jo said, I wait awhile for the ink to dry. I usually zap it with a light coat of fixative and handle it with care. Sometimes with vintage-type image a little (not a lot) ink bleed adds to the character of the piece.
ltl blonde PRO 9 years ago
wow this is good info as I am going to try making some altered dominos.

Chatty Wacky Whims PRO 9 years ago
When I print out clip art I have an ink jet printer. I let it dry at least 1 hour then I spray with Workable Fixtive. I thin glue it to the domino adding my paint etc. to accent the clipart. Then I put a first thick layer of Diamond Glaze. I use a soft brush to smear it on never touching the actual clipart no smears letting it dry completely. Then some times I add other embellishments adding diamond glaze on top. I add several layers of diamond glaze letting each layer dry completely a 24 hour period.
Vickie @ In My Head Studios PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Vickie @ In My Head Studios (member) 9 years ago
you all rock! thanks for replying! good info! :)

we decided to go mostly with Mod Podge then a spray sealer to deal with the tackiness Mod Podge can leave behind.

this is turning out to be more work than i originally thought it would be, but mom and i are having fun doing it together.
"T"eresa PRO 9 years ago
this is a really really great thread for ink jet use TY
There are 2 products that have not been mentioned yet. One is Matte Gel Medium. I use Golden and it is my favorite. I find it much easier to work with than Modge Podge.

Also, Super Seal by Creative Imaginations is a spray on sealer that works on all paper and other items and will even make a newspaper water proof. It is awesome stuff.
prpldy15 9 years ago
I use Matte Gel Medium quite often, I love the stuff!
thanks for everyone's input. my ornaments came out great!
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