Craft Ideas [deleted] 9:43am, 20 November 2008
Place your Dogs and Cats from the United States here

Small size only

1. Go to the photo you would like to use
2. At the top of the photo is sizes
3. Click on sizes.....and select small
4. Directly below is a box with a code.......copy the code
5. Then go to discussions in the group
6. Go to the the bottom of the photos you will see a box
7. Paste the code you copied into the on post

If you have any problems at all............just lt me know
Maureen xxx
Pixel Packing Mama PRO 8 years ago
Calico Halle
Calico Halle Thinks Over a Plea Bargain, #4 in a short series
Craft Ideas [deleted] 8 years ago
Real cutie
purrplekatt PRO 8 years ago
Fozzy Bear - Lord of the Manor
Fozzy Bear

Snowcone - Queen of the Castle

George - My Little Old Man
George in a Downy box
Craft Ideas [deleted] 8 years ago the way George is tucking in............brilliant
Pixel Packing Mama PRO 8 years ago
67410005 Reilly the Huge Irish Setter - Best Dog I Ever Had
shannon~marie PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by shannon~marie (moderator) 8 years ago
This is Heidi, my Snowshoe Siamese Mix girl. She was as a rescued when she was just a kitten from a shelter about an hour from my home. She is now 5 years old, is just beautiful and is a very big cat. She's quite shy unless she knows and trusts you, but once she does, she's the lovingest lap-warmer around!

Luminous Blues
ilona912 8 years ago
Smokey in the Studio

2fragile2fly [deleted] 8 years ago

ho..ho.. hell
devlyn 8 years ago
Shinji, from just last night:
Shinji's "Studio Portrait"
"Waddles" is from the State of Georgia...A Jack Russell that just popped up into the photo!! LOL

The Thermometer goes where???...11-18-08
Dracula (I have more cats and dogs - I'll post individually!)

Tilty Dracula
Noner Says 8 years ago
My sister-in-laws puppy Lizzie

Cute face
Stacy Alexander PRO 8 years ago
ilona912 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ilona912 (moderator) 8 years ago
Tiger don't likes to pose for me . . .
Portrait of Tiger
VanessaYvone 8 years ago
This is Marley he's a half chihuahua half pomeranianStar Gazer
VanessaYvone 8 years ago
My friend and I rescued Jasper from an abandoned home just 3 weeks ago, he stole my heart!

Meet Jasper
MissTeresa! Posted 8 years ago. Edited by MissTeresa! (member) 8 years ago
This is Ivy the red nose pit, and Bowie the odd-eyed ragamuffin...

Are you my breakfast?
My dog Maja has cancer - asking for prayers.

Maja is our black, tan, mahogany German Shepherd GSD dog who is standing in freshly fallen unmarked snow in a West Virginia WV hayfield HDR

Hello everyone...My German Shepherd named Maja has cancer...and I am asking for everyone's prayers.

Maja is the doggy love of my life...and I don't know what I'd do without him. He is smart, loyal, affectionate, loaded with personality...will drop down and roll on his back when he sees me approaching so that I will rub his stomach, and is my best friend.

I believe in God's power to heal, and the power of prayer, so I know that if everyone prays for Maja...that God will heal him. I have no doubt in this matter.

So I'm asking that if you have a spare send God a prayer for would mean so much to me...and to my special Maja.

I'll use this photo in my photostream to keep you updated on his progress.

Thank you all...and may God be with you.

jjs08 PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by jjs08 (moderator) 8 years ago
This is Spirit, enjoying the snow!

Tasty snowflakes

My prayers are with Maja.
TulipFleurs 8 years ago
This a Ryu . . .
Meet Ryu . . .
TulipFleurs 8 years ago
This is Toby . . .
Toby . . .
TulipFleurs 8 years ago
Last but not least . . . this is Tina-Marie . . . our 12.5 year old American-Curl
DigiAnt 8 years ago
His name is Marco.

Marco upclose
DigiAnt 8 years ago
Marco with Nikki (female) behind him.

Marco y Nikki
tiny`s mom 8 years ago
great pic
Pixel Packing Mama PRO 8 years ago
This cutie puppy is "Celery" from the United States of America
This Cute Little Puppy is "Celery"
Noner Says 8 years ago
Pixel Packing Mama PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Pixel Packing Mama (moderator) 7 years ago
I don't know the name of this puppy. It was at a store called Vina Moses, in Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Adorable Puppy at Vina Moses (a Shop)
bitsorf: Thank you 1,500,000 times Posted 7 years ago. Edited by bitsorf: Thank you 1,500,000 times (member) 7 years ago

#1 of 3............HERE COMES YOUR MEDICINE!
Pixel Packing Mama PRO 7 years ago
This is Lottie, a Plott Hound Girl Puppy. She and her sister Millie are from the United States, and still need forever homes in Oregon.
Lottie, the Brindle Plott Hound Girl Puppy, is Feeling Patriotic
Bonnie Woodson [deleted] 7 years ago
Catch me if you can
Our Little Peanut 7 years ago
From the "Buckeye State" (OH) Peanut is a Shichon (Shih tzu/Bichon)
Davidaw! 6 years ago
Friendly cats and a dog from Idaho!

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