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Black_jag 4:46am, 13 April 2008
I love our dog, please post your dogs Funniest expressions.

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hopechestjewelry [deleted] 8 years ago
Piebald Dachshund
"Shadow" our pet Labrador dog
Ilovefluffymoustache Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Ilovefluffymoustache (member) 8 years ago
Snoopy by Ilovefluffymoustache

Snoopy by Ilovefluffymoustache

Nose by Ilovefluffymoustache

lovethetattoos 8 years ago
olive smiling
DGII PRO 8 years ago
The hypnotist....
rdng tchr PRO 8 years ago
My new favorite photo!
darkc3po 8 years ago
me'nthedogs PRO 8 years ago
Let Me Out!! - 3
HNC Prints 8 years ago
Who you talking too
serialplantfetishist 8 years ago
You sly dog, you.

My 15 year-old giving us a wink.
Photo by Nora of Fletcher with glasses.

My 10 year old Aussie wearing my old reading glasses.
fsavian 8 years ago
My border collie, my friend!
Yaweil 8 years ago
*D' Reina* 8 years ago
Smile! by *D' Reina*

Hmmm... by *D' Reina*

Lobo.....(My cousins dog :))
My cuz and his dog "Lobo" by *D' Reina*
N.C.H 8 years ago
Yawn..... by N.C.H
♥ Kita Demonge ♥ 8 years ago
♥ Sweet puppy Theo hair all shaggy from petting him . . . . by ♥ Kita Demonge ♥

♥  Sweet Theo wearing reading glasses   ✿◠‿◠ by ♥ Kita Demonge ♥
txpitbullgirl 8 years ago

Catchin' some snowflakes on his tongue.
Katherine K9 8 years ago
Happy agility Dachshund!

Flying Doxie
mangoago 8 years ago
ranneg 8 years ago
ranneg 8 years ago
gunner the evil pit
Upper right slays me.

Shepard group
9DamnedDogs 7 years ago
Here's my favorite facial expression.
Must be bitter.
I tawt I saw a puddy cat
songbirdgirl2001 [deleted] 7 years ago
Hail911 7 years ago
tongue flying by Hail911

Gemmy 16 7 years ago
Gene Simmons by Gemmy 16
mylolajean 7 years ago
Lola always with attitude!
Sassy Lola
28naturelover Posted 7 years ago. Edited by 28naturelover (member) 7 years ago

Peanut asleep: don't ask why she's in this pose, cause I don't know!
malucarioca 7 years ago
Brother #2
me'nthedogs PRO 7 years ago
Snaps and the crazy pup:
He's Not With Me!
Terra Vermelha 7 years ago
curiumwaley 7 years ago
Anna-Lena Zöll 7 years ago
Zsofy06 7 years ago
Blah Blah Blah
pitrih 7 years ago
dogs will be dogs
tootee_parker 7 years ago
This is Bailey; The neighbors dog.
Mizloney 7 years ago
bella's happy face by Mizloney

9DamnedDogs 7 years ago
It was hot last summer.
GoProGirlMiami 7 years ago
very "cozy" in bed with us.

I bite too
ash., [deleted] 7 years ago
L-i-n-d-a-b 7 years ago
Mike {No longer AlienZen) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Mike {No longer AlienZen) (member) 7 years ago
Nicky Sykes 7 years ago
A bassets expression says it all... by Nicky Sykes
9DamnedDogs 7 years ago
Urse can't decide on which way to go
Ade-G 7 years ago
What the f### Was that?!

kristin172429 PRO 7 years ago
Could you please turn off that flash!?! It is bright!!
That flash is bright! by kristin172429
DaisyDogPhotos PRO 7 years ago
Daisy Dog sporting a Poppy Eye Patch!!

Daisy the Jack Russell Pirate!!
9DamnedDogs 7 years ago
Billy the gourmet/gourmand.
Hey Billy did you like the pig ear? by 9DamnedDogs
Grrrrrr!  Gimme treat!
Shibunari 7 years ago
Linda omg
dangoranson 7 years ago
Dog park
smitten © 7 years ago
How's this?
paraleptomys 7 years ago
IMG_0351_bc by paraleptomys
MadFoka 7 years ago
7/52 runner up - zach spack
5/52 Shake
holidayslush 7 years ago
He's getting sick of modeling
JvdMPhotoS 7 years ago
Silly dogs having fun! by JvdMPhotoS
DavinG. 7 years ago
Shureenuh 7 years ago
lavendars 7 years ago
just kill me now
Keith Koenig 7 years ago
Winston by Keith Koenig
Midnight and me 7 years ago
Happier now?........Explored!
jojessic 7 years ago
Silly face! by jojessic
9DamnedDogs Posted 7 years ago. Edited by 9DamnedDogs (member) 7 years ago
Pohka with a big yawn
Oh, stop it!
Tiphanie67 7 years ago
Hector by Tiphanie67

"Say what??" :)
www.iblogmyblog.com 6 years ago
Still sleepy
Orangic 6 years ago
Sleeping expression :)

Heavy sleep
Paulandthedarkroom 6 years ago
Shiba Inu by Paulandthedarkroom
KristieBoyd1027 6 years ago
SnowDay-10320 by KristieBoyd1027

SnowDay-10319 by KristieBoyd1027
Petra.F 6 years ago
Booboo with a balloon by Petra.F
egrego2 6 years ago
So Happy
James Youngman PRO 6 years ago
Thunde, my mother-in-law's dog.

burnspet.co.uk 6 years ago
biochemza 6 years ago
Hee haw Our pooch, Weasel, impersonating a donkey.
Aki Shi 6 years ago
big nose
The Gifted Photographer Posted 6 years ago. Edited by The Gifted Photographer (member) 6 years ago
"Why can't these things be chicken nuggets??"

Why can't these things be chicken nuggets??
The Gifted Photographer Posted 6 years ago. Edited by The Gifted Photographer (member) 6 years ago
Our baby beagle, Buttons, checks out the brisket before it is cooked ...

Brisket for Buttons?
ShutterbugF 6 years ago
Mine's the big one

I got you...babe?
egrego2 6 years ago
Smile or smirk?

A Tail of Two. 6 years ago
The attack of the wheat thin bandit!!!
A Tail of Two. 6 years ago
I had to add this one...

caught ya
Kastjoe PRO 6 years ago
Terrible Bard 6 years ago
Oh Ha Ha by Terrible Bard

SOOC by Terrible Bard

Yawn by Terrible Bard
the fragile. 6 years ago
 by the fragile.
laisadgs 6 years ago
isso que é folga by laisadgs
apassionfordetail PRO 6 years ago
Tais Canizo 6 years ago
Kaiser the Beagle Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Kaiser the Beagle (member) 6 years ago
Chichi-jima Trip 2008: Kominato Beach

Chichi-jima Trip 2008: Kominato Beach
Mohaupt Photo 6 years ago
My dog likes to hike!
Lila in the fall
rustypirate 6 years ago
the fragile. 6 years ago
 by the fragile.

rustypirate 6 years ago
Cobiie 6 years ago
High Speed Pursuit

Here is my cocker spaniel Cassie chasing a tennis ball she seemed to be taking the game a little to seriously! haha
Mohaupt Photo 6 years ago
How about
"Gettin Dry"
Gettin dry
jamie ariela PRO 6 years ago

rustypirate 6 years ago
ArmandoH2O 6 years ago
Mi perro "Napoleón" // basset hound
mimusha Posted 6 years ago. Edited by mimusha (member) 6 years ago

lsglickman1 PRO 6 years ago
Default title upload by motoblur
rustypirate 6 years ago
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