splattergraphics PRO 10:52pm, 27 November 2010
I was recently visiting family in Maine and saw marked Chargers from a couple of different departments. Unfortunately, I never caught any that were parked, so, no pictures...
trident2963 PRO 8 years ago
yeah I started keeping my camera in my car so I always have it handy for quick opportunities
niteowl7710 PRO 8 years ago
You never know what you'll find at the Mall, or McDonald's...or the local tire & brakes place.
present ocean [deleted] 7 years ago
My camera is glued to my hand. I take it every where I go. But even then I miss good photo's.
Katie and Joe PRO 7 years ago
I always keep a little point and shoot camera in my car. In most small towns the police station is usually on or near the main road through town. When passing through these towns I always look for the tall radio masts which will often show you exactly where the police and fire stations are located. When photographing cars at a police station it is a good idea to go inside and ask someone before you start making photos.
splattergraphics PRO 5 years ago
I was back up in Maine for five days just this past week and spotted current-gen ('11-up) Chargers in several jurisdictions...but the only one I could get a picture of was an '08-'10 unmarked unit parked behind the Sagadahoc County courthouse in Bath. I only saw one marked one in daylight and couldn't get the shot. The others were all seen at night and from a distance.
Maybe next trip...
I keep my phone on the dashboard on camera mode so I can grab it and shoot.
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