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DrgnMastr ADMIN June 15, 2014
Welcome to my lair and hopefully a treasure trove of member's best work.
Invitations are not required, but acceptance will be based on my judgement.
Feel free to invite works of quality, as this is meant to be an open group of great works.

Group Codes are located HERE.

There are discussion topics, worth your participation, if you get a chance.

Above all, enjoy yourself.

- DM

Group Description

Dragons are famous in legend for having huge lairs filled with treasure. In this case, they are photos that truly appeal to a dragon's personal tastes, although precious metals, or sparkly jewels may be acceptable. :)

DM's Lair. Get yours at bighugelabs.com

It is my hope that this lair will contain truly excellent photographic treasures and some excellent discussions among friends and members. Whether you are a hobbyist or a pro, let's see your best work! It is also my hope that the calibre of the person rivals their photos, too. :)

Photos invited by admin-invite may override the daily submission quota (currently set as 1/day, moderated), and will bypass the moderation queue. Invitations are not required as the submissions will be moderated. Photos going through the moderation queue will be vetted for quality, so if a photo doesn't make it through, please don't be disappointed, just try again with something better. Please submit your best work.

Commenting is highly desirable. We all like to receive them. Please append the Group's comment code (located below) to your comments.
* A post and run attitude will not be tolerated for long.

Think of it as a proverbial kitchen party, where friends gather to chat and bond. :)

Month's top five in real time - group DM's Lair


The GROUP CODES have been moved to HERE.


The tag "DM's Lair" may be used with photos in this Group. It is the owner's prerogative.


In accordance with Flickr Community Guidelines, inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.


I do not believe in strict censorship, as I believe, as adults, we are all capable of self-censorship. Please conduct yourselves honourably and with integrity.

However, if I must protect the lair, I have no problem in taking quick and appropriate actions to do so. The accountability and responsibility of those actions will rest solely on my shoulders. Members without icons, profiles, and public photos will be removed on sight, as I am not willing to take the potential risk of what that account represents.
- DrgnMastr

This group will not be my own personal dumping ground for photos. My own photos will only be submitted if it has been invited by a member of this group, and I feel it is of suitable quality to be here.


DM's Lair - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

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Group Rules

My rules are simple.

Keep it clean and in good taste.

Invitations are not required as the submissions are moderated, thus will be reviewed for quality and acceptably, and may be rejected on those grounds. Please submit your best work.

Comments and constructive criticism are always appreciated and are desirable. A post and run attitude will eventually result in administrative actions.

Don't air dirty laundry in public, especially on someone's public photo. Flickr Mail is the place for that. :)

Members without icons, profiles, and public photos will be removed on sight, as I am not willing to take the potential risk of what that account typically represents.

By joining, you agree to these rules and to abide by the Flickr Community Guidelines.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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