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  • amazon basics flash

    Has anyone tried amazon basics flash?

    jessicabreaux17 months ago0 replies

  • Anybody here use MFT system?

    I was just wondering if anyone here uses the MFT system. I know it's still new,...

    poitzoit8 months ago15 replies

  • DIY external power for Yongnuo speedlites ?

    Hi All, I have just signed up the noob strobist that I am, I have searched the ...

    dunnowho5111 months ago12 replies

  • Film logger

    What I miss the most when shooting with film, is EXIF data. And on the run, I fo...

    Photographe - Sébastien Brodeur42 months ago3 replies

  • DIY Spinlight 360

    I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the Black Foamie Thing (BFT) designed by Ne...

    Davidhuy Photography48 months ago1 replies

  • c mount lens

    just got a few c mount lenses- tv camera anyone have any suggestions on a good...

    Sam Mendolia Photography49 months ago2 replies

  • Sort of diy periscope for uw photography

    Hello, Via the editor of, I joined this group. I want to b...

    butterflies5555549 months ago0 replies

  • DIY colorchecker passport

    So I printed an image of a color chart out of curiousity and place it in a black...

    thedarklordchucklesthesillypiggy51 months ago1 replies

  • Tips for a black background...

    So you have a horse/person/dog/flower etc and you would love a black background....

    Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin51 months ago7 replies

  • First Self Portrait (DIY home studio)

    Ok guys, hit me with your best shot! I have made a studio at home out of househo...

    Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin51 months ago4 replies

  • DIY Cokin X Pro holder

    This filter holder is made for Tokina 16-28 lens but the same construction techn...

    Paatus52 months ago0 replies

  • DIY flash diffuser & bouncer for Sony NEX

    DIY flash diffuser & bouncer for Sony NEX Normally when using flash to take p...

    Deni Williams52 months ago0 replies

  • Hi Folks and thanks

    I just wanted to say thank for picking my photo as your official cover photo. ...

    New Talent Modelling52 months ago0 replies

  • PC connectors

    Hi all, could someone point me to where I might be able to purchase PC connecto...

    Eternalwolf Photography53 months ago0 replies

  • Photo in black and white with color objects using the Picture Style

    Red2 The Picture Style aim to reduce the time of post-production, improving shoot...

    DGVeLab54 months ago0 replies

  • A forgotten Gem!

    Someone gave me this some time ago and I never thought I would use it, until I h...

    Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin55 months ago5 replies

  • Want to recover my XD11 and have no idea how to break it down to do so..?!

    I really want to get this camera right.Getting it CLA and seal kit now,want to r...

    stlbob155 months ago0 replies

  • DIY Wireless USB adapter.

    dongle1 I have to give credit to Pete for this. I just had to modify it a bit out o...

    Mark A O'Donnell56 months ago2 replies

  • Cheap alternative to ND filter?

    Test at Smiths Pool, Fenton using a 12 Grade piece of welding glass that I have ...

    Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin56 months ago11 replies

  • Reflective Glass

    Inspired by this post I wanted to share a recent project. Part 1 the build. w...

    Mark A O'Donnell57 months ago1 replies

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