Tylyr Lenc l LencPhoto 8:54pm, 14 November 2012
Hey, I have been fooling around with quite a few automotive shots lately and have seen a ton of rolling shots. I started to research it a bit and of course it led to another DIY project. Here are a few links to some articles I read..




Some Idea's I have gathered have been..

The main accessories..
1x Manfrotto Magic Arm CDN$ $104.90
2x Manfrotto Avenger F1000 Suction Cups $67.50 (each)
3x Manfrotto Super Clamp CDN$ $26.99 (each)

As for the arm..
It could vary from a painters pole (extendable), rowing oars, Windsurf Mast, Aluminium Conduit..

Anyone have any other suggestions?
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