Snappuppy [deleted] 12:34pm, 12 September 2011
I've had the Cactus V5 wireless triggers for about a month now and I'm very pleased with them in terms of performance and build quality (for the price) However they are pretty big and this size does make the flash sit much higher inside my Westcott Apollo 28". Best bet is to use the sync port and get them off the flash. Lucky for me I've already modded my 430Ex's with a sync port.

Anyway the trouble was that having them hanging from the cables was putting more strain on them then I was Happy with. I needed some way to hang them separately. the solution for me was to simply drill a couple holes in the one front so I could thread a lanyard through.

I did think of using Velcro in some way but the triggers don't have anywhere to put the Velcro.

If you plan to do this please be aware it will void any warranty and you need to be careful as there are electronics inside.

Cactus V5 Lanyard Mod

There's also a video on YouTube
udijw 4 years ago
this should come standard with any stand attachable device. great mod!
time for a new beginning [deleted] 4 years ago
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