iSeshan 3:49am, 18 March 2011
I wanted to do bokeh effects that you couldn't do with paper, Like a peace sign, if you try it with paper you would just get a circle, you could add little bidges to hold it together but that wouldn't look nice. I thought of using those over head projector sheets, but I wasn't sure if it would distort or degrade image quality.
So I came up with using glass lenses for flash lights. I used the toner (Laser printer of photocopier) transfer method, commonly used for DIY PCB etching. I found some vector images so I could resize them with out getting pixelated. I printed them on photo paper, plain old paper didn't work as good. and transferred it to the glass, it needed a little cleaning up but the end product was great.

The lens cap is a whole nother thing, You need to find the right one, which may be hard, but I found some on ebay. You need to find one that doesn't have the clip/spring mechanism in the middle of it, or you won't be able to put a whole in the middle of it with out messing it up.
Here's a pic if you don't under stand what I mean.

I added some magnets to the back side of the cap and to the glass, I put some felt on the front to block light.

This is the first time i've seen something like this, so I hope to inspire some people :)

And the final product.
DIY Bokeh lens cap by iSeshan
David Sr. - 6 years ago
I like it. Post some photos here of your results.

Call me over paranoid, or overly cautious do to my experience with computers, media, etc. I would have some concern about putting magnets into my camera bag.

OT story. When computers came out in the early 80's (yes I am that old) I was dispatched to a clients office to install his 5" floppies disks into his computer for an upgrade to software. I arrived on-site and asked the client "where are the disks?" He pointed to the File cabinet where they were securely affixed to the side with a large magnet. That was a wasted service call!

I am not suggesting memory cards are as susceptible to magnetism as 5-1/4" floppy disks, but it might be something to consider.
olympus201 6 years ago
Try gluing the peace sign to a filter, or cut one out and use one of the drop in system holders like Cokin or ambico?
dannyt. 6 years ago
I have some magnets in my lighting bag where I keep flashes and things no harm done there.
iSeshan Posted 6 years ago. Edited by iSeshan (member) 6 years ago
@olympus201 that seems expensive, The glass lenses cost me less then $3 for 10 and the lens cap was under $2. I thought about using filters but then I looked at the cost and decided against them.

And I'm not worried about the magnets, flash memory isn't effected by them and neither is most electronics, unless it's a super powerful magnet. My Macbook Pro has magnets in the lid to help hold it closed.
udijw 6 years ago
iSeshan very well made. I love the idea and the way you enable using high resolution shapes. As David mentioned, I would be very cautions about using magnets around my camera, lenses etc.
olympus201 6 years ago
Sounds good. I would also try painting a clear filter black and scraping away the paint in your bokah shapes
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