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YN460(-II) power calculator

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dsvilko says:

I have posted this some time ago in the strobist group but have since revised it somewhat. Maybe this is a better place to post it.

I have seen that a lot of people (including myself) have a hard time making all the flash power / distance / f-stop / ISO calculations in their head so I have devised a simple 'calculator' that should help.
It is meant to be printed and glued to your flash, triggers or just carried in your pocket. Here it is:

You can also download a big version.
It's not meant to be more precise than 1 f-stop but it should give you a very good starting point. The flash power levels are given for 2 meter subject distance at ISO100. It is also assumed you can get away with a 1/250s sync-speed (if not, 1/200s should be close enough) - important only when also calculating the ambient exposure.
The chart can be used in a lot of different ways. I'll give just two examples:

Example 1:
You are shooting outside on a bright sunny day and would like to be able to get a deep blue, a bit underexposed sky by flashing the subject with a bare YN460-II at power level 6 (to get an near instant recycle). At what distance should you put your flash and what aperture should you use?
1) Set you camera at 1/250s, ISO100.
2) Find the symbol for the Sun. It is above f/11 - that's your starting point.
3) You want to underexpose the sky by one stop so hop one stop to the right - you are at f/16 so that's your aperture.
4) The power level 6 (what you want) @2m distance would require the f/11 aperture (the aperture above the white '6' in the last row). As you want to shoot at f/16 you need to position the flash 1-stop closer than the default 2m:
5) Look at the small scale that goes from -4 to +7 and locate the -1 (stop). You have to put your flash at 1.4m.
That's it!

Example 2:
You are shooting sports with your 70-200 f/4 lens and the YN460. You would like to light a subject 15m away at f/4 and power level 6.
1) The closes 'full f-stop distance' would be 16m so locate the number 16 on the main scale.
2) Look up the small number below it. It says +6 ( as in +6 stops more distant subject than the starting pont of 2m).
3) The fastest your lens can go is f/4 so you look up the basic power level below the f/4 mark - it's 4 (blue is for YN460 mkI).
4) You know you need to now gain +6 stops. You can gain +2 stops by going to the target power level 6 but that's it. You are still +4 stops short,
5) Look at the ISO scale and find the ISO that matches +4 - it's ISO1600. That's it! You shoot at power 6, f/4, ISO1600, 16m distance.
6:51AM, 1 September 2010 PDT (permalink)

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*haibar says:

I tried using it a few time. Its very useful, thank you for sharing. You could also try to post it in the Yongnuo group: www.flickr.com/groups/yongnuo/
Originally posted 56 months ago. (permalink)
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DokH says:

Can this be adapted to YN-560?
54 months ago (permalink)

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qualityandme says:

is there a version for other speedlights? I have an SB600 and SB 900.

I'm pretty new to all this, so if it's an inappropriate question, please let me know.
54 months ago (permalink)

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