webrotate360 4:45am, 14 September 2010
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Just posted a quick guide on our blog about building a turntable for 360 product photography for under $40. Hopefully, someone will find it useful!

In short, here's what you need (Ace Hardware or Home Depot will work equally well):

• 2 x 23" disks of round plywood - $28
• 1 x 12" Lazy Susan Bearing - $6
• 1 sheet of white paper enough to cover the top of the table

So it's assembled using two disks of round plywood and the bearing attached between the disks. The lazy susan bearing comes with good assembly instructions. Once assembled, just put few marks on the side of the top disk to mark rotation increments (i.e, each 18 degrees, etc) and a measuring indicator on the bottom to count the frames. Then cut a circle from a sheet of white paper to cover the surface of the table and fix it with a double-sided tape on the top, and done!

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The table can also work well for regular product photography..

Original post: DIY turntable for 360 degree product photography
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