→ Andrew 10:46pm, 14 August 2010
When I was watching the movie i noticed they used some cool heart bokeh in the film.
found the clip online

just thought i'd share maybe spark some minds


btw great movie imo. and better graphic novel
Kinematic Digit PRO 7 years ago
Are you asking how it is done? This is done with a shadow mask (black card with the middle cut in to the shape that you want your CoC bubbles to be). I would suspect they probably applied this on the front of the lens but can also be done as a rear drop in filter.
→ Andrew 7 years ago
i know how its done. just thought to show people that big hollywood (toronto in this case) does it too.
CH35C0 7 years ago
thanks for sharing. like to know if they used DIY bokeh like most of us or bought some amazing stuff...
udijw 7 years ago
@ch350 of course they did - they got the Bokeh masters kit ;)
nathij 6 years ago
hi guys, im new to the group. i actually got here while reading an article on the DIYP website about custom bokeh shapes and all.
i did a DIY version somewhere back in 2009 and i got pretty good results so i thought i'll share them with you.

materials: medium hard matte black paper, an exacto knife, duct tape :)

rather than using a mount, i designed the "filters" as caps that could be put over the top of the lens. in my case the nikon 50mm 1.4d.

* i cut out the initial circles for the filter by placing the lens upside down on the paper (i.e. front of the lens on the paper) and tracing the outline with a pencil.
* then drew some hearts and stars free hand and cut them out carefully (might need some practicing here) hehe.
* next i cut out a 5-6mm strip from the same paper enough to go round the circle (that would be the perimeter), this was held in place to the circles cut earlier using some lil duct tape on the outside.
the end result should "wearable" on the lens.

please do forgive the vague tutorial, this is the 1st time iv tried to describe it and i'm sure i did a really bad job ;)
but if u do need any info flickr mail me, il try to help out as much as i can.

anyhow here is a result

pauline.s Posted 6 years ago. Edited by pauline.s (member) 6 years ago
Hello !

Great shot : I'd like to do the same, and I tried but it didn't work with me :

Here you can see how I did (yes, the paper should be blakc, I know, but does it change my problem ?) and you can se the result in the final shot... result that is so bad.

What could have I done badly ?

Thanks for your help
Kinematic Digit PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Kinematic Digit (member) 6 years ago
pauline.s You made the hole too small which is why it turned into a vignette instead. I'm not sure what lens you are using, but if I was to guess, the shape should be at least 2 times larger.

The goal is to make a hole smaller than the maximum aperture hole but just enough to catch the custom shape. You're basically creating your own custom aperture blades.

The way to figure it out is pretty easy... if you have for example a 50mm F/1.4 lens, it means that the entrance pupil will be around 35mm or 3.5 cm. Depending on your lens and the maximum aperture, cut your hole just under that size to create the best custom circle of confusion shapes (or often confused as custom bokeh). If you have something like an 17-50mm lens, F/2.8, your hole should be under 1.7cm when you're focused at 50mm.

One last thing is to make sure your subject is as close you as possible and the background is as far back as possible. The effects of bokeh are best when your subject to camera distance is smaller than your subject to background distance.
pauline.s Posted 6 years ago. Edited by pauline.s (member) 6 years ago
Kinematic, thanks for your answer.

As you said it, for a 17-50mm lens and F/2.8 (focused at 50mm), the hole have to be under 1.7cm ... And it's what I've made.
In this way, my hole can't be bigger any more, no ?

And I tried with many size different (less than 1, 1.4cm, 1.7, 2.8, 3, 5cm ...) and it didn't work.

When I choose less than 1.7 (50/2.8), it works on lights but we have this black form around the photo. I don't believe that the size causes problem here, but I really don't know what is wrong ..
Kinematic Digit PRO 6 years ago
Part of the problem might be the nature of the front element of your lens. I don't know tamron zoom lenses well, but it is possible that the front element is your issue. In this case, go larger for sure. The black form around the photo (Vignette) is definitely your cutout. I'd try making it even 5 times larger and see if that corrects it.
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