udijw 9:50pm, 3 May 2010
Please post any questions, thoughts, rants you have about the Bag O' Goodies first assignment here.
No need to post assignment submissions.
Patrick Long (*********) [deleted] 7 years ago
Good Luck everyone!!!!
CabeBedlam Posted 7 years ago. Edited by CabeBedlam (member) 7 years ago
Ohh finally a blog competition open to people outside the continental 48. Cheers!
C.houman 7 years ago
Thanks! Excited to see what people come up with. Best luck!
Surlycamera 7 years ago
How many entries are possible?
udijw 7 years ago
Surlycamera one per person, if I spot multiple entries, all submissions by the same person will get disqualified.

Also, I noticed that it sometimes takes a few hours till the image is collected by the search. be aware and submit a few hours before the deadline :)
DeyanStefanov 7 years ago
btw I thought this is for images not older than a month.. I see stuff submitted from 2007 or something... is that right?
Debajit 7 years ago
I have a question about the theme: food. Do drinks qualify as food? (I am presuming they do, but I'd still like to clarify)
udijw 7 years ago
DeyanStefanov those will not be able to win prizes, I may mention them on the list, but no winning option.

Debajit sure does :) actually anything nutritious is good to go.
Mike_Distras 7 years ago
Just read this Q+A... Oops, I enetered 2 photos, but just deleted one of them.

Hopefully ill be let off? :D
udijw 7 years ago
Mike_Distras you're all good :)
I only submitted one for the comp, but have three together in the pool. Please don't ban me, they made me do it, the voices in my head said "Do it, you'll get away with it" LOL Hope it doesn't cause any issues ;)
mcarneybsa [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by mcarneybsa (member) 7 years ago
I tagged my image with "diyp-bog-food" and added it to the pool (its there!) but when i search "diyp-bog-food" in the pool, my image doesn't show up... did I do something wrong? :/

edit: link to image:
udijw 7 years ago just as long only one image is tagged with diyp-bog-food, it will be your one submission

mcarneybsa it sometimes takes a while. can you put the image link, i will verify
mcarneybsa [deleted] 7 years ago
my image has the proper tag and is in the group pool, yet is still not showing up in the search:
(or the link directly from the pool)
Coffee Zombie 7 years ago
My picture isn't showing up as well. Here's the link:
Gerard Wttewaall 7 years ago
Another, "My picture isn't showing yet." I know it might take some time, but just to bring it to your attention.
mcarneybsa [deleted] 7 years ago
I also know that it does take a bit for the image tags to be indexed, but mine has been up for three days and still isn't showing in the search...
udijw 7 years ago
mcarneybsa ,Gerard Wttewaall ,Coffee Zombie ,mcarneybsa thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will see if there is something technical that can be done, if not I will go over the pool manually so no images will be lost.

mcarneybsa [deleted] 7 years ago
Gerard Wttewaall 7 years ago
Thank you very much!
Sieversma PRO 7 years ago
I added a photo this morning even though the deadline was yesterday. I just wanted to share my image at least. Thanks for having a contest like this. It helps inspire a person to do something that they may not have otherwise.
I added my picture 4 days ago and someone has commented that it does not qualify for the contest.

DavidImmPhotography says:
To bad it does not qualify for the contest. Cool shot though
Posted 39 minutes ago. ( permalink | delete )

I'm a little confused????

Chocolate and Vanilla by
udijw 7 years ago yup, the picture was taken on 2009. Entries were allows from Feb, 2010.
OK, no worries, thanks for the info ;)
Ndruu Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Ndruu (member) 7 years ago
Yep, something wrong with the search engine or i'm just too dumb to add a tag like everyone else. :P

Two different search results:
search for tags
search for text
There's a lot more cool pictures can be found with the tags search.
Please use the "tags only" search method.
James Hastie 7 years ago
Can I just ask as it doesn't seem to explain on the web site what the "Bag O' Goodies Entries" section on the front page mean, as from looking at the assignment it's for food but one of the ones I have submitted to this group is shown on there which is my playing around with light painting on my car. I'm just interested why it's showing up :)
udijw 7 years ago looking forward for your submission on the next BOG part

Ndruu thanks for that comparison, my search had even more entries. Don't really get this flickr thing

kozicka this is definitely a mis-tagged file. I contacted the owner.
James Hastie 7 years ago
I believe you tagged my photo with "diypfav" 7 days ago :)
udijw 7 years ago
kozicka oh,
now I get it. the front page took a small break from featuring the DIYPFAVS in favor of the assignment entries. It is now back to "normal".
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