Mjpageky 8:50pm, 30 March 2010
I stopped at Dunham's Sports this morning planning to finally buy a new kayak. I got the boat I wanted (yay), but I stumbled up on something else interesting. Dunham's sells stuff for hunters that load their own ammunition, including these dandy little plastic cartridge boxes. The "big bore" rifle cartridge box is the perfect size for storing and carrying AA batteries, and "small rifle" is exactly right for AAA. I'm going to keep the charged batteries in the boxes, and just dump the depleted one's into an empty pocket on the camera bag. Not only that, but it keeps the battery's contacts from coming into contact with each other, doing strange and often unmentionable things to your battery's innards. I even got one extra ($4 US) to separate rechargeable batteries from standard.

Now, the big bore boxes are tall enough that if you're the rough and tumble type that do a lot of jumping around, the batteries can come out of the little dividers. They'll still be in the box, just scrambled around. In that case, a little scrap foam inside the lid will keep everyone in their place just nicely.

neiljohnuk PRO 7 years ago
Yup, useful, some lab. supply houses have similar boxes too, for vials, also useful for reloaders...
Nice i will have to look around for them.
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