Mr. Embrey PRO 6:16pm, 20 January 2010
I've been meaning to post these for a while now. I was going to tag them to an existing thread, but I had trouble finding one.

I hope these help someone.

One is an 18" BD from a terracotta bowl. A better description is at the bottom of each photo.

DIY Beauty dish

DIY Beauty dish DIY Beauty dish DIY Beauty dish

DIY Beauty dish

Then a hand held 14" BD

Hand held DIY Beauty dish DIY Beauty dish DIY Beauty dish

And a similar result
DIY Beauty dish

These are awesome. Most of my pics are using one or the other. They have forever changed me.

Sorry no pics of the processes. I don't like to have the camera out when my tools are out, I always injure myself and/or break something/s.
udijw 7 years ago
One of the things that always get me when doing this kinda stuff is the flash/BD/lightstand connection. I love the solution you got here.
willwohler 7 years ago
I am in the process of finishing my 18" BD, which I also made from a terra cotta bowl. My final step was the Flash/BD/lightstand connection and I really like your brackets here, I may have to use this.

cake.x 7 years ago
Really nice results and the BD itself looks very good.
Thanks for sharing.
Jason Irons 7 years ago
where do you get your terra cotta bowls from?
Mr. Embrey PRO 7 years ago
Lowe's $8, Outdoor garden section.
Four Winds Photo 7 years ago

Cool bracket!

"One is an 18" BD from a terracotta bowl. " What is the other one from or did I miss it?

Good idea on the mayonnaise jar. Did you put a mirror or anything in it to reflect? I used a CD case if anyone is interested and put a cd in the bottom of it.

In the second to last photo it looks like you are using a diffuser. Are you?

An a week or two ago I went to Lowe's and they didn't have the Terra Cotta bowls in yet. Home Depot did. But it's getting close to spring so they should all be getting them soon.
Mr. Embrey PRO 7 years ago
Click on the picture for all the details. The second dish is made from a 14" celluloid (thick hard plastic) bowl that I found at Big lots closeout discount store.
Tom Seibert Photography Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Tom Seibert Photography (member) 7 years ago
Here is a link to a DIY I did some time ago about building a Beauty dish. I hope it can help some one here too.

DIY Beauty Dish
An old thread I know but I just want to share my Beauty Dish... I am very happy with how it came out! It has a little hot spot but I can live with that
beauty_dish by Matt (the non-door variety)
Jan Christian 6 years ago
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