udijw 8:33pm, 27 May 2009
Please use this thread to post your home shooting spaces
Nathan deGargoyle 8 years ago
This is my home studio, otherwise known as the kitchen.
There are notes on the photopage describing the setup.
Mr. Embrey PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Mr. Embrey (member) 8 years ago
Here is mine.

It's a spare room I've dedicated to being a studio. We just moved in a couple weeks ago so I'm still setting it up. It's all DIY. The room itself is 11ft wide and about 35ft long. The backdrop area is 9ft wide with only a 7ft ceiling. The backdrops are both Muslin (Though king size sheets would work just as easy.), one dyed crimson red, and the other is a hand painted work in progress (Just started it today.). They are each hung from 1/2 inch metal (not pvc) conduit pipes/tubes secured to the ceiling with the brackets that fit them (Made for attaching to a wall. Sits on the same shelf as the pvc fittings.) I can add as many rails as I need. They all stash away in the changing room. (I had this strange built in nook that I had no other use for. Made for a perfect changing room.) I hung a twin size sheet from a curtain tension rod to make the door/wall. You can see my DIY softbox on top of my DIY light stand. The small metal stand was an old music book stand with the top left off, the tip hammered flat and a 1/4 X20 bolt ran through it for a short, yet somewhat adjustable Backdrop light stand.


Studio 2

A closer look at the BD rails.
Backdrop rail system

The changing room..
Changing room
Changing room

Distance between BD and subject
Subject to BD distance

The basic setup
Basic setup

Some shots using this set up

Rest in peace
Teddy bear 1
Teddy bear 2

Teddy bear 3

Teddy bear 4
tonyarrj 8 years ago
This is mine: AKA our family`s livingroom

It`s a little improved now, but I don`t have pictures of it.

Mini Portrait Studio
Phazeman 8 years ago
My living room is about 4X9 meters (including the kitchen)...

udijw 8 years ago
Phazeman love them paper weights :)
jeffegg2 PRO 8 years ago

Some changes, I removed the carpet, it is not good with seamless paper...and added a sheet of white panel from home depot...
Phazeman 8 years ago
udijw Yeah... i didn't have anything more handy then those dictionaries my wife used for the university :)
iamunique127 PRO 8 years ago
I improvise a lot depending on the type of light and the type of space I need.

I have a larger area in the basement (if I move my wife's weight bench) for use with strobes. It's squeezed in next to my hunting storage area and bicycle repair workshop.

I have various ways of using backgrounds- a portable set up or a slide projection screen mounted on the wall that can roll up out of the way.
Studio by iamunique127

An early example of some work there:
T-shirt by iamunique127

I use the kitchen counter sometimes, if it suits me and the subject better:

Set Up Tulip Gone Wild by iamunique127

A result:

The kitchen counter comes in handy for natural, south window light, too:
AF-S Nikkor 35mmG f1.8 at f8 by iamunique127

If I want natural, north window light for something small I'll use the end of my desk or the ironing board and tape a seamless to the wall.

One of those shots:
Nikon 50mm f1.8 Front by iamunique127

Thanks for this series Udi. I'm following it with great interest hoping to get more ideas.
tonyarrj 8 years ago
an upgrade of my previous post:

Stand para telon de fondo
wybnormal PRO 8 years ago
Man caves do have their uses other than drinking beer - a friend's cave I used for the neighborhood Christmas shoot

Christmas Studio
YueStudio 7 years ago
Home studio by YueStudio

This is my setup. All against one wall in my bedroom. Flash and softbox were mounted on the door using super clamp. The subject was on a waist-high book shelf. And here are the shots:

Cold Drink by YueStudio

DSC_1006 by YueStudio

Glass Pumpkin by YueStudio
his4ever247 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by his4ever247 (member) 7 years ago
YAY I am getting my post up :D. I take pictures in my kitchen. It's hard to do sometimes. Children are a breeze because they are small. But adults are larger and harder to fit in there.
Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:


The backdrop is held up by the super cool studio tension rods. I still need to make two more.

And yes... I sometimes I have to clone out the silly chandelier. We are renting the place... so it has to stay.
danielburkhead 7 years ago
Here's mine from a shoot this weekend. Just moved some furniture around and setup.

DSC_2180 (Medium)

DSC_2181 (Medium)

And a picture from that setup:
troymguillory [deleted] 7 years ago
White Background Setup
udijw 7 years ago
troymguillory "30 minutes pre setup to move all the toys" - I feel your pain :) however, the results are astounding. The seam on the tile boards is invisible.
paulcjones Posted 7 years ago. Edited by paulcjones (member) 7 years ago
My home studio - taken in my extended kitchen / dining room. Shot with my iPhone (my camera was on the tripod)

Got studio?
(click through to see notes on the pic)

and this was taken in that space

Dylan and Grandma
leprechaun947 7 years ago
Here is our garage turned into a studio:

Scarf setup
slainephoto [deleted] 7 years ago
I need help, actually. I have a spare bedroom I'm planning on turning into a studio. It's about a perfect 13x13. All I have in it, right now is a corner-desk with my printer and laptop. I'm looking for inexpensive ways to set up. Lighting and background/backdrop. What do you guys recommend?

So far, I've gotten these recommendations: 7 years ago
In Studio
VachonMan 7 years ago
IMG_4778 by VachonMan

DIY studio with flash mounted behind regular umbrella, wired by phone cord to camera. Background is piece of muslin. Reflector is a small white board, mounted to a tripod that came with my laser level kit.

You can have a gander at some more pics and test shots at:
Kushal Das PRO 7 years ago
The new setup

This is the main hall in my apartment. Just made the frame 2 nights back, Total cost still now is around $20.
wybnormal PRO 7 years ago
This was this years "studio" for my family portraits (my own that is)

Garage Studio

Last years "studio" for the neighborhood Xmas portraits. I borrow a neighbor's "man cave"

Christmas Studio
pdobeson PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by pdobeson (member) 7 years ago
I'm green on envy watching ALL that space. I have a small garaje 5x3 meters and with a very low ceiling. Anyway I use it for product shots and ocassional portraits. I will post a photo later this afternoon.
From last week to now, I have expanded the width to basically the whole back wall,and added 4' to the front of the space. It was just too small to be running around on.

Oh, and I have cleaned up finally.

studio shot
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