orlando photo 4:50pm, 31 January 2009
Hi everyone,
I am building light panels based on Dean Collins Tinker Tubes. I have my translucent material for the panels, but I dont know what material to buy so I can make reflective panels as well.

Any suggestions?
kcactionphoto / Kevin Camp Photography [deleted] 8 years ago
Most of the DIYers are using Lame (lam-mey), you can find it at just about any fabric store. You can find silver and gold pretty easily. A lot of seamstresses use it in evening gowns and prom dresses. I am in the process of building a set of California Sunbounce-style reflectors from this material. Its not sturdy enough by itself, but it can put on top of a sturdy black cotton that is stronger.

Similar to...
Brad, 8 years ago
Try Rosco 3803 or 3804, it's resilient enough that you can use tungsten lights or HMI lights without melting it
orlando photo 8 years ago
Thanks i will look at both, I am planning reflective on one side and black on the other. I got the two frames and sports nylon done today. i just have to figure out which pieces to glue and which not to.

So now its on to the reflector.

kcactionphoto / Kevin Camp Photography [deleted] 8 years ago
Sorry about that, I thought you were looking for reflective material, not translucent.
orlando photo 8 years ago
No, you are right I was looking for relfective material, I was just mentioning that I made the panels with the translucent already...

Sorry for not being clear....

na_joey PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by na_joey (member) 8 years ago
emergency blankets.

gold and sliver

sliver reinforced

both very cheapo
also heat resistant hench emergency :)
orlando photo 8 years ago
Well that takes care of silver and gold, I am still looking for something in white for when I do not want to add a color cast. I am trying to say away form board in favor of something I can fold up. I did not see the Lame in white so i am still looking for a material to use for that.
na_joey PRO 8 years ago
nylon fabric
orlando photo 8 years ago
I am using sports nylon as translucent material to shoot through, is there a heavier one that will reflect better?
ukespresso 8 years ago
Satin or polyester?
orlando photo 8 years ago
Satin sounds interesting, I guess its a shame I know so little about fabric.
Jacques OLINY 7 years ago
Hi Orlando,

have you tried the satin as reflective material, any return ?

Many thannks if you can reply
dagger133 7 years ago
You could put the silver behind the nylon to make an efficient white reflector.
Photopaul65 7 years ago
Be wary of satins as a white reflector, as they have micro strands of mylar that give them their sheen. Tends to give off a purplish/blue cast if used very close to a subject. Hold the satin up and move it back and forth in the light and you'll see the color cast.
Heavy white ripstop would be a better choice.
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