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PT-04TM Trigger Mod - Adding 1/8" jack PC Port

fragile office [deleted] says:


OK here is my quickly tutorial on how to add a 1/8" (3.5mm) PC Port to your PT-04TM ( or other series) triggers.

Please note: I am using stereo jacks in my application because I modded my flashes to have not only the trigger but also to have TTL (that's what the 3rd pins is for) so that when I upgrade to radiopopper jrx triggers then they will just plug strait into my flashes without a hotshoe.

So for this project you will need:

Mono 1/8"(3.5mm) jacks from Radio Shack (or other dealer)
Soldering Iron (and skills to use it) and solder
1/4" drill bit and drill
small piece of wire
steady hands

If you don't know how to solder then I would advise against doing this mod.

Here is one shot of the parts and hole drilled in the side of the trigger

PT-04TM Trigger Mod - Photo 5

PT-04TM Trigger Mod - Photo 4

Here is a side shot of the hole drilled for the jack. This uses a 1/4" drill bit to make the correct sized hole. You might want to notice the location of the hole. You need to drill it high enough that the jack is just sitting ontop of the circuit board inside, remember to not drill it to far down.

Location will vary slightly depending on the mono jack you purchase.

PT-04TM Trigger Mod - Photo 3

Here the jack has been inserted into the hole. Notice that the "ground" pin is facing up . Make sure you have enough clearance to put the cover back on once we are done and have pushed the ground pin down on top of the jack.

PT-04TM Trigger Mod - Photo 2

Ok here is the money shot...

NOTE: Mono jacks will NOT have the 3rd unused pin in the back like mine show, it will only have two pins.

The white/brown wire is just some thin wire I had laying around the house..

It gets connected to the top pin on the jack "ground" then you solder it the outside of the original pc port on the other side. make sure not to let the solder touch the center on the pcport otherwise the trigger will not work.

Then as you can see I just made a solder bridge to connect the center pin to the wire on the trigger. I could do this because it was close enough, but you might have to add a small section of wire if it is to far away.

Notice I did not use the top pin in the back, that is because I am using stereo jacks in my setup. Mono plugs work best for this instead as then you only have two pins.

PT-04TM Trigger Mod - Photo 1

Have any questions? Please let me know..

2:29PM, 17 January 2010 PDT (permalink)

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nate_lawson says:

I have the mono type plug. Does it matter which is the ground and which gets connected to the wire on the trigger? I noticed that one of the stems on the plug is smaller than the other.

115 months ago (permalink)

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Arkku says:

Generally the sleeve should be ground and the tip should be the signal. It can matter e.g. when interfacing with other devices using the same connector. Also, when connected to an old flashe with high sync voltage, it can be dangerous for the sleeve to be at +200V or something like that, as it is possible to touch that part of the connector from the outside.
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modulartechnix says:

Hello HardcoreFX! You have done a pretty good job here with this mod!
I was looking for this kind of mod for my PT-04TM to trigger my 300W strobe.
Can I ask you if it is safe to trigger a strobe with this kind of trigger-mod?
What are your experiences?
Thx in advance!
90 months ago (permalink)

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