Jef Poskanzer 4:35pm, 30 March 2009

Unfortunately, no one can be told what Discussr is. You have to see it for yourself.

No wait, that's the Matrix. Discussr, sure, that's easy. It's an alternate user interface for flickr discussions.

See, flickr, like most web discussion systems, doesn't remember what you have read. It marks groups and topics "NEW", but that's just based on a single timestamp - fairly useless. Discussr, on the other hand, keeps track of read pointers for every topic and every user.

Discussr also uses Web 2.0 technologies to present flickr's groups in a single-page interface, which speeds up interaction.
Jef Poskanzer Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Jef Poskanzer (admin) 10 years ago

Discussr's interface has three panes. Top left, a list of your subscribed groups. Lower left, the topics within a selected group. And on the right, once you select a topic, the actual comments to read.

The pane sizes can be adjusted by simply dragging the separator bars. Discussr will remember your settings for your next visit.
Jef Poskanzer Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Jef Poskanzer (admin) 9 years ago

There are some buttons in the pane headers. You can get a description of the button by moving your mouse over it without clicking.

If a button is grayed-out, that means it's disabled because it doesn't make sense in the current context; for example, the unsubscribe (trash can) button is disabled when you do not currently have a group selected.
Jef Poskanzer Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Jef Poskanzer (admin) 9 years ago

When you first visit Discussr, you are automatically subscribed to one group: this one. You can add more groups using the find new groups (magnifying glass) button. It will bring up a popup dialog box where you can search for groups by name, select them, and add them to your subscription list. Searching for groups is fairly slow, so be patient.

Your list of subscribed groups in Discussr is separate from your list of joined groups in Flickr. You don't have to subscribe to all the groups you have joined, and you can also subscribe to a group you have not joined.

Discussr currently does not handle private groups at all.
Jef Poskanzer 10 years ago

Here's a tip. Leave a browser window on Discussr but iconified/minimized. It'll automatically check for new stuff every hour, and change the icon name from "Discussr" to "Discussr NEW".
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